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Knowledge is super puzzling Logical puzzles occurring during the interview Part 3

Puzzle 10 The king, in a mood of good humour, announced an amnesty and shortened the sentence by half for all the prisoners, but this was where the problem of life imprisonment arose. What would you advise the king? The question “What would you do” is by nature. One of the best types of questions, allowing you to get to know many features of a candidate at the same time. After the answer given, the recruiter learns what is our personality, what sensitivity, what knowledge, how to use this knowledge and what is our line of reasoning. Looking for...

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Flower nail decorations

I would like to present you with a summary of the third week of the #creativenailparty challenge under the slogan “ANY VISIT” and decorating your nails with flowers. In this post I will show first of all the work of the participants, but also my decoration, which I painted for the challenge. I was so happy with him that I was sorry to download them and do more, that’s why this week only one of my designs was created. For this reason I gave up a separate blog post with my work, earlier I showed it at the Instagram...

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The trainer deceived me This diet and training doesn’t work

I know many people who are said to have been cheated by a coach. Those who bought a package of completely inoperative trainings and a bad diet. Is it really the fault of the coach? Maybe the whole problem is with the client’s approach? Below I have gathered the most common behaviours, which show that it is not the coach who is at fault, but the lack of your self-discipline. It is best to blame the coach The trainer is solely responsible for writing down the diet and adjusting the training. It is up to you to follow these...

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Scale via ferrat and difficulties via ferratach

Safety and common sense in the mountains are paramount. Before you start via ferrata, read its description carefully to know what to expect. The scale in which it is described via ferrata does not reflect the full character of the road. Pay attention to other aspects: Passage time via ferrata Height and length via ferrata Are there any climbing difficulties and if so, how many (whether it is one place or a sequence of difficulties)? Are there any violent parts? How is your insurance via ferrata? Can you withdraw? Quality and brittleness of the rock The via ferrata itself,...

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Series of very unfortunate events First season review

Welcome. Recently we were looking for a series worth seeing, because we were all over. Having looked through some parts of the Internet, we found a series with a promising title “A series of unfortunate events”. By the way, I immediately associated it with the game Gloom, from the Black Monk Games Publishing House. The series, just like the title, turned out to be very intriguing. In a flash we went to the second season. Today I decided to share with you my thoughts on the series A series of unfortunate events. (Very) Unfortunate events We may first start...

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