I like it most when the perfect series evolve into something above average, something that makes me feel emotionally saturated. Sony Santa Monica has always pampered their games, but what they have done with `God of Warem` shows that they are still able to raise the bar higher and surprise their fans. Here are 10 reasons why `God of War` is a game of 2018 for me.
#1 Complicated relationship between father and son
After the company had collapsed, the Greek God of War went to a completely foreign land, where he met a human woman and begat her son. Years passed and the Kratos family, hidden in the forest, probably lived a simple and relatively happy life, until his chosen one died of a natural death. In the newest part we get to know Kratos at the moment of the deepest sadness, when he is preparing for his wife’s funeral. Now he has a duty to raise a son. A son who does not find his approval in his eyes. Why? This is not literally explained, but knowing the character of the Spartan warrior, one can guess that he tried to raise Atreus in the same way as he did in his homeland – by instilling strict rules, teaching warfare and obedience.
From the very beginning you can see how the boy suffers, but at the same time he tries to hide it in order to convince his father. He tries to show him that he is much better than he thinks, which often leads to conflict situations. It can be seen that Kratos is an unrivalled model for him, but he does not always agree with his opinion. Although in the game we control the God of War, many times Atreus will be closer to you. All these moments when Spartiata sends a message to the young man, shouts at him and brings him down to the ground floor evoke compassion for the boy, who is not even aware of the fact that he has as his father a being that cannot be impressed.
This conflict between the silent giant, whose heart has long since died, and the curious, sensitive boy, develops as the story passes, in a very real and natural way, despite the entire envelope of fantasy. “For the first time, God of War is not a story of revenge, but of an attempt to rebuild bonds and mature men at different emotional levels.
Living heroes
The muscular heart is in this part much more complicated than just a buffalo aspen with contempt for the whole of mankind. You will notice many times how he struggles with himself – on the one hand he wants to teach his son to be hard, masculine, brave, devoid of feelings that deconcentrate the warrior, but on the other hand he can clearly see how he loves the boy, how he cares about him and how often he withdraws small gestures expressing his love. These scenes are beautiful, subtle, but they evoke a lot of emotion in the player. Until you want to scream to the screen “Come him finally! Put this choleracious hand on his shoulder. It’s still a child! With time, it will start to appreciate Atreus, but it will never be flooded. Nevertheless, his metamorphosis will be clear, though not as important as his son’s evolution.
Atreus does not appeal to all players, because as befits a teenager he has his own humour, especially in the final part of the game, when his view of the world changes by 180 degrees. But in spite of everything, I liked him very much for the fact that he seemed so full of life, like Ellie from “The Last of Us” or Clementine from “The Walking Dead”. The boy loves legends, can admire the views, is clever, sarcastic and, what is important from the perspective of mechanics itself, really useful.
Atreus helps us a lot in our fight – he fights his enemies on his own, sometimes blocks their movements, so that Kratos can finish them, warns against an attack, comments on what is happening during the battle, and even uses the stones of resurrection, when we miss our finger on the road and the god of war loses all energy. During the journey it is also useful for reading runes (it has a bow for learning languages), entering places inaccessible to Kratos and opening special boxes. In this respect, it seems to be more intelligent than Elisabeth with “BioShock: Infinite”.
But “God of War” is also a great deal of side characters. I will cut off my hand that you will strongly like the dwarf brothers, whose relationship is as tense as that of Kratos with his son. Their funny lyrics introduce humour to this moving story, and the characters are really charming. Mimir, who has been travelling together with the characters for some time, is also an interesting character. I also liked the main antagonist, about whom I am not going to tell you anything because of the spoilers. Definitely “God of War” has some of the most vivid and interesting characters you will encounter in games.
#3 Nordic mythology
For reasons unknown to me, American schools completely ignore the rich Nordic mythology, which is even closer to us from a territorial point of view than the Greek-Roman mythology rolled around. Anyway, I like Scandinavian myths very much and I was very happy to see the change of setting-in in the series. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of more Nordic presence of