Lipsticks are a real queen among all make-up products. They emphasize our natural beauty and bring out from it the true beauty! However, there are also many secrets hidden in the lipsticks, which I have decided to reveal to you today. Learn 20 interesting facts about lipsticks you (perhaps) didn’t know about before!
An average woman has 4 lipsticks at home (there are 9 in my home and ? in your home?
Italian women prefer lipsticks in brown tones, American women love lipsticks in orange, red is French and Scandinavians most often use pastels. However, 35% of Polish women choose lipsticks in a delicate pink colour.
On average, 23 lipsticks per second are sold every day in the world!
An average woman eats several pounds of lipstick during her entire life while licking her mouth, eating and drinking. Some sources say about 4 kg of this cosmetic, others even about 8 kg… It is worth being aware of this, especially that many ingredients of lipsticks are chemistry, which is not indifferent to our health. There is a lot of talk about the harmful effects of toxic lead, cadmium or paraffin present in lipsticks, which can damage the tooth enamel.
According to research carried out by scientists at University Manchester, men look at women with painted lips for a much longer time. The results of the research do not lie: women who do not paint their lips attract a man’s attention in just 2.3 seconds, while women with red or pink lipsticks on their lips stop looking at men even for 7.3 seconds!
Interestingly, 90% of women paint their lips with lipstick to improve their well-being, not to attract male attention.
In ancient Greece, the colour on the lips was intended to distinguish curtains and prostitutes from ordinary women. According to the law of that time, ladies of light customs could not go out on the street without painted mouths. In a completely different way, things were in ancient Egypt and Rome – a lipstick on the lips, which at that time was, among others, a carmine powder from crushed beetles, testified to the high social status of a woman.
In 1996 the Malaysian government officially forbade women to paint with lipstick. According to the local authorities, lipsticks have a provocative effect on men and arouse unclean thoughts…
As early as the beginning of the 20th century, lipsticks were sold in metal cans. However, as early as 1915 Maurice Levy of Scovill Manufacturing Company came up with the idea of placing the lipstick in a metal sleeve, and in 1923 James Bruce Mason Jr. of Nashville created a mechanism allowing the lipstick to move upward. Thanks to this invention we can now use the comfortable form of lipstick in the stick.
The first long-life lipstick was developed by the Hazel Bishop chemical laboratory at the end of the 1940s. In 1930 Max Factor invented the first gloss.
The stars that made lip painting popular were Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.
The average life expectancy of a lipstick is up to 3 years. Some products can be used for up to 5 years if they are stored properly. After this time, however, you should discard the lipstick – it may cause an allergic reaction or it may start to delaminate on the skin in an unlegant way.
A lipstick can extend its shelf life in a… refrigerator.
Research shows that 60% of women never leave home without painting their lips, for example with a colourless lipstick.
Women buy lipsticks more often on cloudy and rainy days. It’s said to improve your mood! ?
According to research, waitresses with red lips get bigger tips.
Many women buy lipsticks in intense colours in the fervor of their emotions, but in reality they rarely have the courage to paint their lips with them.
The colour of a lipstick on your lips reveals your personality. Women reaching for lipsticks in red shades are hit people, assertive, brave, aware of their strengths and seductive. This is their natural personality or they would simply like to be seen as such. Ladies who choose lipsticks in the colour of light pink are real optimists, a little shy and sensitive, but very ambitious. Women who rely on violet are people who like risk, adrenaline and experimentation in every area of life. Shy people, who need more time to open themselves up to someone, betray lipsticks in the shades of boredom and beige. Women who usually reach for colourless lipsticks are self-confident introvertics with a large intellect.
Research also confirms that our current well-being has a major influence on the choice of a particular lipstick shade for a given day.