Such cosmetics deserve ‘a punitive tiara for giving up money for stupidity and wasting resources’. They are not fulfilling their function at all and I am very disappointed! A lash mascara that has no effect, an extremely perishable lipstick and a shadow base that doesn’t work at all.
Eyelash mascara that does not work
I adhere to the principle that I do not cooperate with any products or brands that I do not like. If a product does not suit me, I resign from such cooperation. And when I receive products that I don’t like, or that don’t match my skin’s needs, I just give them to someone else. Here, however, I will make a sad exception, the first one, and I hope the last one. AA Wings of Colour Mascara “No limit volume – Maximum Volume boost” was given to me as a gift at the bloggers’ meeting in November. He put it over a bit in the drawer, because I only open one, maximum two mascara at a time, but in April he got his chance. And for the wounds, but I was disappointed!
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I must admit shamelessly – I am lucky to have nice eyelashes. It is quite dark, as befits a brunette, and also relatively long and curved upwards. I really like it and I am happy with it. With such eyelashes everyone, but it’s absolutely every mascara to eyelash looks great. I really don’t need much – just slightly thicken and darken the ends of my lashes (I don’t know why, but on the upper lashes I get such a natural ombre and the ends of my hair I always have lighter). Always, but it always makes me happy with the mascara – some are better, but all are just calm and good enough. Until here I found AA Wings mascara, which on my lashes wasn’t doing just NIC! I don’t know how it’s possible at all! He had such an easy job, but it didn’t work at all. And it was certainly not dry – the packaging was protected. For a long time I tried to give him a chance and somehow get any action out of it, but nothing, a flapper. It is a pity.
The solution? At another meeting I got Lemax mascara. It’s really cool, cheap ink, but it has a very strange toothbrush. For me personally it’s terribly inconvenient. But it turned out that the thread fits, the packages are similar and it is enough to replace the toothbrushes in these two inks. And so I can use a Lemax mascara with a more suitable toothbrush.
Despite this disappointment, frankly speaking, I still find AA Wings of color cosmetics interesting and I would like to try some of them out. Especially those for the lips, because I like light, moisturizing formulas. Maybe their other mascara are better than this one?
A lipstick with a completely wrong formula.
Do you see this beautiful metallic packaging in the fashionable colour of rose gold? Isn’t it wonderful? Unfortunately, it is suitable at most for a gadget for photos, because the product itself is for bani.
I really wanted to have some dark, preferably black or dark purple lipstick. Some year ago, when I was shopping in an online store, I found myself promoting Makeup Revolution cosmetics, including Renaissance Lipstick lipstick in the shade “Exempt”. The colour of the plum is so dark that it’s black – perfect for me, that’s exactly what I wanted! Unfortunately, the formula of this cosmetic is so unsuitable that the drama. It’s a greasy, buttery lipstick with a glossy finish – a texture that’s ideal for a light lipstick with boredom, but in such a dark and expressive colour it’s a total mistake. The lipstick dissolves on the lips boundary, does not form a clean line, is completely perishable – like a shiny lipstick, leaves traces everywhere. It can be worn for only a few minutes with this colour, then it smudges, leaves stains and traces everywhere, and rubs its lips ugly.
The matching of such properties and the formula of a lipstick with this dark colour is completely inappropriate and makes any sensible use of this product practically impossible. I don’t need a lipstick just to photograph on Instagram, I need a lipstick that I can wear normally.
The solution? I received a dark purple lipstick MIYO 03 “Cruella de Vil”. And this product has a well-balanced formula! It is still a non-drying lipstick, a comfortable lipstick, but at the same time it has a sensible durability and comfortable consistency. It’s true that I like “Exempt” more, but this MIYO violet is also nice.
Heh, I don’t like the Makeup Revolution brand. I am terribly discouraged by how brazenly they incite all popular make-up, such as Too Faced chocolates. I would understand the product inspired, after all the trends work in such a way that there are things related to these top hits. But such copying, without any own contribution, is, in my opinion, a bend. I have two products of MUR – a green illuminator (I’m very happy with it, although I’m angry that the packaging broke) and a Dragon illuminator (calm, but no frenzy). However, I decided that I would not buy anything more of this brand, and that quality is a must.