Have you ever wondered why some people have slim silhouettes and others cannot control their weight? Well, the answer to this question is simple. The former take care of their silhouette, the latter not necessarily.
Not necessarily because there are exceptions. They are sick people whose health condition does not allow them to get rid of excess pounds.
Diseases that promote overweight
You are probably wondering which diseases are conducive to overweight. These are mainly hypothyroidism, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and Cushing syndrome. That is why I would like to recommend you, before you start losing weight, to visit a general practitioner, who will eliminate these diseases in you.
How do I lose a few pounds?
First of all, find your motivation. Think about why you want to lose weight, whether your family, friends or maybe your boss is pushing you, or whether you are doing it for yourself. The truth is that only in the latter case can you lose weight successfully. If you do this for others, you will give up quickly. You will be overwhelmed with anger at the people close to you, who instead of supporting you demand things that are impossible. Because slimming is not easy and often reaches the rank of an impossible thing. The weight does not decrease quickly or very slowly, often even stops for a long time, which discourages further action. That is why you have to remember about a few principles, which I am going to give you below: Secondly, you will never lose weight if you do not move. Try to run in the morning before work, or in the evening to make a few dozen stomachs. Maybe you will also find time during the day to go out to the pool or to the aerobics. You need to exercise at least three times a week, otherwise your weight will increase and not decrease. Thirdly, in order to lose weight, it is not necessary to apply drastic diets, which are so discouraging and associated with medieval torture. I will tell you from my own experience that it is enough to eliminate white wheat bread, pasta, sweets and fatty meat and fried food for the kilos to disappear. Instead, you should learn to cook cook cooked and stewed dishes, rich in fish and lean meat, as well as milk and dairy products. Bring rye bread, wholemeal pasta and brown rice to your diet.
It is necessary to eat your meals regularly. There is a rule to lose weight you need to eat. Of course in moderation and in small quantities. The fifth and last rule. Drink plenty of water and green and red tea. Red tea effectively burns fat. The total quantity of liquids in a 24-hour period shall not be less than two litres.
Good luck.
I keep my fingers crossed for losing your pounds.