Everyone likes to receive gifts, which is obvious. Everybody likes practical gifts that can be used, not trinkets (maybe there are exceptions). I am a fan of practical or universal gifts and usually we buy such things for various celebrations or holidays. I know that the subject is a late-minute one, but some of you have just remembered that it would be useful for someone to have something small… The news is that you will still be able to order ? Here are 10 ideas for a gift for a mountain lover.
Book as a gift
This year was full of potentially good positions for the gift: “Wanda”, “Himalayan”, “I’m a hermit”, “From the frozen eyelids”. These are just drops in the sea of mountain literature. In the pre-sale you can find a new book by Wojtek Kurtyka “Kurtyka. The Art of Freedom. The bookstore of the Góra – Książki Gór publishing house has prepared gift sets at attractive prices.
Price: from USD 25 onwards
Where to buy: Wydawnictwo Literackie, Książki Górne, Kulturalny Shop
Mug/coffee cup
Coffee or tea? No matter what you like, a mountain accent is always advisable. A large selection of mugs and cups with a mountain motif can be found in several shops. They are either with modern graphics or hand-painted. Porcelain or enamel, hand-painted, guarantees that no one will have the same cup. Everyone is special! Choice of colours.
Price: from USD 35 onwards
Where to buy: Pakamera, Make my wonderland
Picture/ Poster with mountain motif
You don’t have to spend a fortune at all to get to the heart of your tastes. Buying a stylish and decorative picture or a poster in the frame as a gift will give your loved ones great joy. A daily glance at the beautiful landscape in the picture will improve your mood and give you joy. In any case, in a colorful, well-designed environment, it works better and more efficiently, and such an image is the first step to such an environment ?
Price: from USD 39.00
Where to buy: Feeby, Ebay, Pakamera
A pendant with a outline of the mountains
Brelok with the outline of mountain peaks – for everyone who loves mountains, their unique climate and unearthly views. The minimalist design adds extra charm to the whole project. It can be attached to both the keys, as a decoration of a handbag or a hanger under the mirror in the car.
Price: USD 16
Where to buy: Steel Boris
Sports jewellery
It is an original and timeless idea. If you are looking for an unforgettable gift idea that will enchant your loved one, it can be a shot at 10 ?
Price: from USD 30.00 to USD 30.00.
Where to buy: Sports Jewellery
In search of mountain gadgets you can visit the Tatra Shop. Let us know how you like our 5 gift ideas for a mountain lover and which you like the most.
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