N habits that we often don’t even realize are reducing our productivity. More effective work on the other hand gives us more time and opportunities both for career and social work. Try to eliminate at least a few of them and your day may gain even a few hours more a day!
Each of us faces everyday challenges – but in order to focus on our work and close our cases in the shortest possible time, we should make a few changes in our lives, and the key number, and for me the number one, is obligatory.
Don’t compare with others Each of us is different and not worth comparing because this race lasts only in your head and often you are not able to assess whether the point of reference you have chosen does not make mistakes that affect the quality of his work and here we can smoothly move to the point of the second: Don’t try to do everything perfectly It’s worth considering whether you should strive for perfection at this point, as often this 1% of the final result absorbs a significant percentage of the time we spent on the project. So that you do not misunderstand me, I do not persuade you to perform your duties unreliably, but I ask you for some reflection when you finish something – Have I already created, delivered, everything that is required of me? If so, stop here, because you waste your time on the next project or client. This principle also applies to planning. Not every operational detail needs to be written. More general planning is positive for several reasons. The first is that it takes less time. The second one is that the plan is adjusted to the micro variables and it is not necessary to edit it during the implementation because the details have changed. Multitasking during training and meetings You cannot effectively listen, write down, ask accurate questions, at the same time preparing a presentation for the next meeting, answering e-mails, writing text messages. If your meeting needs to be fully focused: focus. You can edit a bad card but you cannot edit an empty one.
~Jodi Picoult You will never be fully ready to leave your comfort zone so simply don’t wait for it. Practice makes you a master – the sooner you start doing something the sooner you see the results of your work. Excessive and impulsive use of the smartphone Here it is worth discussing the whole day. Let’s start in the morning – the alarm clock rings. Don’t just stand up for a nap (yes, I know it’s hard), but how you can make it – the quality of your sleep will improve. The second act – catching the phone and browsing through the same Facebook entries for the tenth time – makes you look different at work and the brain needs a moment to focus on the activity again. In a word, you are wasting time. It’s better to share it this way – I’ll finish, check. Acts3 – You are sleeping with your phone in your hand – this habit adversely affects the quality of your sleep and, consequently, your rest before the next challenging day. It’s because of the blue light that comes into our eyes from the LED screens that the brain perceives as characteristic of the morning when it’s time to be active, not the night when the body should be preparing for sleep and emitting melatonin.
Finally, I leave the quotation of Paul J. Meyer to be considered:
“Productivity is never an accident. This is always the result of a commitment to improvement, INTELLIGENT planning and goal-focusing.
~ Paul J. Meyer
Enjoy ?