Unboxing experience – what is it like?
Although cardboard packaging is still on the top, its form and appearance have changed considerably over the years. Currently, it is worth investing in non-standard solutions. This is known by the world’s largest companies, which focus on originality and take care of every detail related to the Product, including its packaging. An ordinary box can turn into a small piece of art, which will evoke a lot of emotion in your customer and will be an additional asset of your purchase! Unboxing experience means a great experience resulting not only from using the product, but also from taking it out of the box for the first time. This phenomenon occurs mainly in the electronics sector (particularly strongly among manufacturers of phones, headphones and tablets), but it can also be observed in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and clothing companies.

The impact of packaging on the customer
Unboxing experience consists of such factors as the appearance of the packaging (read more about the production of packaging on the website), the way it is opened, the aesthetics of the box interior and the organization of the inside of the package. Calling up this phenomenon at the Customer’s is a sign of skilful brand image management! How to create unboxing experience in the customer’s premises? In order to make your packaging stand out from other competing companies, it is worth introducing non-standard solutions. It is enough to make a small cosmetic change, e.g. an unusual print inside the box, adding a funny inscription or equipping the box with useful compartments. Such a small treatment can effectively attract the attention of customers and positively influence the image of the company. If you design the packaging interestingly, it may even turn out that some customers will be interested not only in the product you offer, but also in a limited edition of its packaging!

Principles of unboxing experience

When designing packaging, it is important to remember about the consistency of styles and the fact that the appearance of the box fully reflects the ideas of the company. It is also worth to make sure that the appearance of the packaging is consistent with its content. So that your customers remember your brand, learn from the best! The world’s largest packaging companies make sure that their packaging is designed to last:
– the package was of a suitable size, adapted to the Product it contains,
– the interior of the box was aesthetic and interestingly designed,
– a clear instruction manual for use of the Product is provided inside the packaging,
– In addition to the product and nice packaging, the loyal customer also received thanks, a discount card or a leaf with a specially prepared offer.