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How EU funds will develop business in Mazovia

Competitive, innovative, dynamically developing, offering good living conditions for the inhabitants – this is what is to be like by 2030. A large role in the implementation of this objective will be played by entrepreneurs, therefore from the funds of the Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 as much as EUR 366.3 million will be allocated for the creation of conditions for the establishment and development of enterprises, increase in research and development activity, implementation of new products and services, as well as foreign expansion. Check: financial planning for women – FinMarie Building competitive advantages The greatest chance for funding will...

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Sliding systems to the entrance hall

A hallway is a space that is not easy to arrange and has to fulfil certain functions. The use of sliding systems for its arrangement is a solution that will allow to manage even the smallest and most uncomfortable nooks and crannies. A well arranged hallway in an unnoticeable way makes life easier. Repeated activities here are automated, so every object should have its own place. When designing an arrangement, one should first of all focus on its functional and friendly character. At your fingertips you can use a console or a cabinet where you can put the keys away. A cabinet for shoes and a seat to put them on comfortably. And also a hanger or wardrobe for jackets and outerwear used during the season. However, in order not to overload a small space, it is worth taking care of a wardrobe that will accommodate all the clothes and accessories. This is where manufacturers of sliding systems come in with help, offering customized wardrobes. Thanks to them it is possible to build unusual and difficult surfaces and individual selection of finishing materials. Among the proposals of the German manufacturer for the hallway are recessed and free-standing wardrobes. The offer also includes a walk-in solution, i.e. a mini room with shelves closed behind a sliding door. Hangers, shelves and drawers will not only accommodate clothes and accessories, but also...

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How EU Funds Link Business to Education

Business development means not only the purchase of technology, but also the improvement of the team’s skills along with the implementation of subsequent projects or the creation of corporate know-how. Behind every product or service there is a person. So how can EU funds help prepare future experts to compete on local, domestic and foreign markets? From the Regional Operational Programme for 2014-2020, over USD 670 million is planned for education for the development of the region, of which over USD 200 million will be allocated for professional development of students and educational and professional counseling. Check: women financial...

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How to ensure proper insulation of your home

If we take care of proper insulation of the house we can be sure that its inhabitants will be able to count on thermal comfort, the importance of which is noticed especially in winter. When the frost is approaching, there is no need to heat the house very intensively, energy savings affect both the financial condition of the property owner and the natural environment. What is more, good thermal insulation means that when temperatures are positive, you can decide to completely resign from heating the property. When we burn less fuel, we also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Thermal insulation...

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How to choose advertising catalogues for companies

The company’s advertising catalogue will certainly prove useful both during everyday meetings with customers and during trade fairs, events and various business events. What is the difference between them and how to choose an advertising catalogue that will bring the competition into the seat? Why do I need a business directory? The answer depends of course on the size, specifics and profile of your business. However, the truth is that catalogues are useful for most businesses. Advertising catalogues for companies allow you to present your company in a clear, effective form, from which you can not take your eyes...

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