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Routine OCT test for first symptoms of visual impairment

OCT testing is one of the most modern methods used in the basic diagnosis of sight problems. Optical coherent fundus tomography today replaces invasive fluorescein angiography, which requires intravenous contrast to be provided to the patient. In contrast, the OCT test is a fully safe one and can be performed many times, even at close intervals. Learn more. In which cases is optical scanning used? Optical scanning is the basis of optical coherent tomography of the eye fundus. The examination of the vinegar is carried out routinely in the event of a diagnosis being necessary: Eye volleyball when yellow...

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Return and mystery of my absence

I return to blogging after my absence and I have to share with you the happy news (the secret of my absence). Time flies so fast that I haven’t noticed when 3 months have passed since I last entered. Why? You will find out more about this in the further part of the alert. Of course, the people who are watching me at the Instagram can already know what is going to be discussed. If you want to be more up to date with me, I encourage you to observe me there. The secret of my absence Between the...

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Resident from a travel agency what you can and should expect from himher

One of the biggest advantages of going on holiday with a travel agency is the gwaracja opieki rezydenta (guardianship of a resident). It is an employee of the office whose duty it is to help tourists at their place of rest. However, not everyone knows what is worthwhile, and even should address the resident directly. We explain everything in this guide. Read carefully, especially if you are planning your first holiday with a travel agency. Changing peace If it turns out when you arrive at the hotel that the room does not meet your expectations or its equipment does...

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Podcast is not such a new content marketing tool

Content marketing is commonly associated with blogs and the publication of sponsored articles, but in reality it gives much more space to show off. After all, the content does not have to be written. It can be said just as well… For some time now, podcasts have been a big hit in content marketing strategies. What is it and should your business go in this direction? Podcast – valuable content on demand Podcasts are defined as spoken content that any user can play on a home computer, smartphone, tablet or anything else with Internet access. This is a very...

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Please note the fictitious business cards on Google My Company

Google is officially claiming that the problem is marginal. But that doesn’t change the fact that in Google My Company you can easily find fictitious business cards that have been created by fraudsters or – a new trend in black PR – unfair competition. You have to be very careful about them, because business cards belonging to non-existing companies not only mislead users. Essentiality of the procedure Fictitious business cards are usually set up by entrepreneurs who do not have a physical company seat and act on a principle: “We’ll think if there’s a customer,” he says. It also...

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