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My method for moisturizing

I think the Dove doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. For many years, the brand has been taking care of providing us with cosmetics for the body and hair. Every now and then they introduce new products to the shelves, which are supposed to support us even better in our daily care. This time, a new series of body lotions – Dove Nourishing Body Care – has been put on my test shelf. The lotions are available in three variants: Light Hydro, Intensive and Essential. The lotions have been placed in a comfortable packaging, which has a simple...

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America’s first ladies True stories of presidential wives Kate Andersen Brower

The holiday season is in progress. Perhaps it means more time for you to devote to yourself. If you like to sit back and read in such moments, today I would like to invite you to a review of the book “First Lady of America. Real stories of presidential wives”, where I will tell you something about this book. Why exactly this book? For a long time I was wondering what to choose. Most recently, I have read books about the history of our country (a topic quite difficult for holidays) and about the action of the body (digestive...

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Travel education [201018]

Travel education [2010-18] Today, Lech was only a second away from the overtime with Gandzashar Kapan, which is located in southern Armenia and has a population of 45 thousand, while Górnik was only five minutes away from the overtime with Zaria Bielka, which is located at the bottom of the table of the Moldovan league. Our football is in an era of great geographical discoveries. In the sporting dimension, these are discoveries to the best of our ability. They are of great educational value, encouraging young people to take a finger on the map to the borders, especially to...

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How to dress up for a meeting with your friends

As they see you, they write you this way. The first 30 seconds of the meeting are the most important. Unfortunately, you will not show your personality at this time, you will not shine with eloquence or technical or political knowledge. The truth is that the first impression is made of our appearance, what we are dressed in, women’s makeup and professional manicure. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a job interview, a meeting with a customer or a house with friends, the clothes emphasize your attitude to the world around you. The current labour market no longer requires...

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Good shampoo for fine and fine hair I’ve found it before

The condition of my hair has deteriorated significantly over the past year. For unknown reasons so far, their volume has decreased by about ⅓, and in addition they have become weakened, inflexible and damaged. Until recently, I thought that their condition could only be improved by hair products falling out, but my approach changed when, during a visit to a pharmacy, a pharmacist gave me a few samples of shampoos for fine and delicate hair for testing. Among them was BasicLab thin hair shampoo, in which I fell in love right from the first use 🙂 And thanks to...

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