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Mum mum and where dad As dad should bring up his childhood

The family model consists of a mother, a father and a child. Unfortunately, it is only a scientific approach to this scheme, because in our times mothers were responsible for cleaning, cooking, bringing up children and a number of other household chores. Dad was supposed to work, bring money and provide for the family first of all. Unfortunately, this model does not function properly and, bearing in mind the evolution of women, nowadays men are increasingly involved in housework and bringing up children. Can fathers raise their children? A dad bringing up his child can also be a nice...

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Knowledge is super

Human death The death of a loved one is always very painful for us. We are trying to come to terms with the idea that we will never see it again. Sometimes we imagine a dead man in the company of angels, who experiences a carefree life in Heaven. We are waiting for a sign… This topic has always aroused great interest among the living: what is on the other side? This is a question that seems to be unanswered by the wild. Yet… From time to time, people who were close to death tell amazing stories. One of...

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TOP 30 Best Star Wars gadgets

Whether you’re standing on the Dark side or on the Bright side of the power, if you come here, it means you hope to find the best gifts from the Star Wars. The task is not easy because Star Wars gadgets are on the market as much as hair on Chevy’s body, and the money in the wallet as many as flashes on Yoda’s head. Fortunately, we have prepared a practical list that will help you find the desired gadget from the Star Wars to the amount at your disposal. #1 Dobble Star Wars I wouldn’t be myself if...

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Identify sounds and win the game

We would like to thank all the detectives who dared to take up the challenge of Sherlock and help him to identify the sounds. According to the rules of the competition, the game is won by the person who was the first to give the most correct answers. This person was… Maciej Sieradzki, who identified 8 out of 11 sounds. Applause and fanfare! A few people also had a similar result, but Maciej made his proposals much earlier. We are impressed by such a good recognition of the sounds, because we gave you quite a nut to crack… Here...

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Origami Game Review Paper Zoo

Summary Nice, pleasant game created for children and adults. Game fun – 70% Interaction – 65% Regryvability – 80% Performance – 90% Price – 100% Pros – Low Entry Threshold – small size for easy transport – eye-catching graphics – a game for virtually everyone Cons – there could be slightly more negative interaction Origami – the art of folding paper, originating in China and developed in Japan, and therefore origami is considered to be traditional Japanese art. In the 20th century it was recognized that in the process of classic origami making paper should not be cut, glued,...

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