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Marcus Smart stays at Celtics

Marcus Smart stays in Celtics Marcus Smart and Boston Celtics agreed on a four-year contract worth $52 million. The 24-year-old played last season at 10.2 points, 3.5 points, 4.8 assistants and 1.3 captures. If the parties had not reached an agreement, Smart would have accepted a qualified offer for the upcoming games as a restricted free agent ($6 million) and would have negotiated with Celtics and other clubs in the summer of 2019 as a completely free agent. Last summer, Celtics and Smart did not reach an agreement on the renewal of the contract. Happy Walters, the player’s agent,...

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Our Wedding

Our wedding ! Hey ! I waited a long time for this post to be written, but I would like to show you a part of this Beautiful Day in the form of photos and a mini-film 🙂 We waited the longest for the film, but I must admit frankly that it was worth it – it is a...

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only in summer Summer shoes only in winter

We know how much women love to buy shoes. Dozens of pairs fall out of their wardrobes. White, pink, flat, heeled. In the case of men’s wardrobes, however, the situation is completely different. For example, I bet on 3-4 good pairs of shoes, which allow me to walk the whole year and jump all the events. Winter boots, elegant slippers, a pair of sportswear and a model to wear every day. It is a set that will suffice without any problems for the whole year. I also try to plan the purchase of my shoes in good time so...

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Rule 70% How to spend save and invest no matter how much you earn ⋆

In this article I will share with you one of my simplest (but most effective) secrets. This financial principle is not only working, but will also work ALWAYS. With a little regulation it will help you throughout your life to know exactly how much to spend, save and invest … regardless of your income, debt, place of residence or stage of life. When my husband and I finally saved enough and had stable enough income to move into our new home we were in the seventh heavenly… until my husband had limited working hours for the next few months...

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