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An extraordinary table decoration or a vase made of cabbage

Cabbage, cabbage, cabbage for a short time – you’ve certainly made one of these dishes. Maybe even many times. But have you already made a cabbage vase? It is worth trying, because such a decoration on the table looks very original, and its execution is not complicated at all. Not only for pigeons Pumpkins slowly get us used to the fact that vegetables don’t have to be eaten only. Halloween is a custom from behind the scenes, but we are more and more eager to cut out lanterns from pumpkins – and not only the terrible ones. Pumpkin vases...

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Word of thought Reality is surprising Don’t be surprised do a cytology

“The reality is surprising. Don’t be surprised – do a cytology. – is the slogan of a campaign launched this year to promote prevention of cervical cancer. Over 7 thousand Pomeranian women will be able to take advantage of free cytological tests in the next three years, with the aim of reducing the incidence and mortality of women with this type of cancer, breaking down the barrier of shame and increasing their awareness of the high effectiveness and need for research. Cervical cancer is currently the seventh most common cancer among women in the US, about 15% below the...

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Why betrayal appears in our lives

Have you tried to answer this question? Probably many times. Betrayal does not occur for nothing, most often the fault lies on both sides. There are many reasons for betrayal… The subject of betrayal is not an easy one for a man or a woman. Nevertheless, there are many reasons for betrayal in both cases. However, let us not focus on the opposite sex, but on us women. You may have asked for help, interest, conversation, doing something spontaneous and new many times in your relationship, and sometimes a stupid face was a problem. Once, twice, thirdly, but how...

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Effective plant protection against frost

What is frost for plants? When the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius, the water freezes and the flow of fluids in the plant stops completely. The process of water crystallization takes place, thus breaking the tissues of plant cells. This will damage the plant. Frost protection systems simply and environmentally friendly increase the ambient temperature by several degrees, preventing the plant from freezing. The entire installation works up to minus 12 degrees Celsius. This is done by water frost irrigation. Good quality systems are equipped with a temperature sensor which will activate the anti-frost sprinkling process when the...

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