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Why betrayal appears in our lives

Have you tried to answer this question? Probably many times. Betrayal does not occur for nothing, most often the fault lies on both sides. There are many reasons for betrayal… The subject of betrayal is not an easy one for a man or a woman. Nevertheless, there are many reasons for betrayal in both cases. However, let us not focus on the opposite sex, but on us women. You may have asked for help, interest, conversation, doing something spontaneous and new many times in your relationship, and sometimes a stupid face was a problem. Once, twice, thirdly, but how...

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Effective plant protection against frost

What is frost for plants? When the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius, the water freezes and the flow of fluids in the plant stops completely. The process of water crystallization takes place, thus breaking the tissues of plant cells. This will damage the plant. Frost protection systems simply and environmentally friendly increase the ambient temperature by several degrees, preventing the plant from freezing. The entire installation works up to minus 12 degrees Celsius. This is done by water frost irrigation. Good quality systems are equipped with a temperature sensor which will activate the anti-frost sprinkling process when the...

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Warhammer 40000 Gladius Relics of War Review Only one X

The conclusion could have been much better. Probably because of the limited budget and little experience of the company, the game is what it is. The fans of Warhammer 40000, however, should like it. Final Evaluation – 55% Pros – Warhammer 40000 – Feel the climate – Differentiated fractions Cons – ugly – very limited gameplay – rather very weak compared to other 4Xs Warhammer 40000: Gladius – Relics of War is a game that curses the inexperience of its manufacturer and its small budget. Is that why it better to forgive yourself this position? Although I’m not a...

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Whisper and cycle Fern Flower

Imagine that 1000 years ago Mieszko rejected Christianity and now we live in the Slavic Super USA. A few days ago we celebrated Kupala Night, and instead of Christmas there are generous Godges. On Sunday, you pray to Weles, and the basis of the Health Service are… rural whispers that sell homemade cough tinctures and elixirs of love. Sounds interesting? All of this was invented by Katarzyna Berenika Miszczuk in her novels from the ‘Fern Flower’ series. Plus “moving love, which happens once every thousand years”! Whisper, Kupała Night, Żerca i Przesilenie (Fork Night) – “Fern Flower” cycle It...

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School layette we test drawing blocks technical and colour paper

It would seem that the choice of a block for a child is limited to a simple choice: drawing or technical. The reality is more complicated and even when choosing a block we can pay attention to the nuances that will determine whether working with such a block will be pleasant and the effect will be long-lasting. We would like to talk to Fila USA about what to look out for when choosing blocks for a school bag. The subject of block quality is discussed on the basis of the Canson brand. A group of children friendly with Junior...

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