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Make a profit from the Marketagent survey

MARKETAGENT.COM is an international service that will pay you for expressing your opinion and will additionally reward you for each new respondent. The service pays for surveys (I was only 2 years old) and for users (100 points), solvency confirmed by payments: 1 withdrawal 2013 – 1 withdrawal 2013 1 withdrawal 2015 – 1 withdrawal 2015 – 1 withdrawal 2015 – 1 withdrawal 2015 2 withdrawal You can certainly earn more, unfortunately only by inviting your friends… We get a little 1-2 years questionnaire (so that it is sufficient for 1 payout per year). There is always a hook...

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Change your life in 30 days

Change your life in 30 days. How do I find my true self? The star of the NBC Starting Over programme shares its ways with its readers to completely reorganise their lives in just 30 days. It is an inspiring guide, interesting, for some it may be shocking, but for some it is extremely motivating. To change, to search for happiness and conscious life. In this book you will read how to deal with changes that may seem extremely difficult at the very beginning. You’ll discover new passions, learn to set your own goals, and most importantly, learn how...

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Drawing Plate and Text Attributes in AutoCAD Part 4

This is the last in a series where I discuss text attributes in AutoCAD-zie. We will now take care of inserting our block of drawing plates together with the attributes into the Paper area, i.e. the “place” dedicated to the final composition of the sheet with the drawing. Text attributes in AutoCAD – Paper area Actually, the insertion of a block in the Paper area is no different from the insertion of a block in the Model area. In the Paper area, I made a frame 5 units apart from the edge of the paper. It is also important...

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CD or DVD A no because PLA from Verbatim

company or DVD? No, because PLA from Verbatim Can a company that is known to produce data storage media, such as DVDs or a company also enter the 3D FDM printing industry? Maybe I’ll answer: yes, maybe. And in addition, with good results. Due to the fact that I have the PLA from Verbatim and I have already printed it a little, I invite you to a review of this film! Reel and packaging We start by looking at the form in which the filament comes to us and although we are accustomed to certain standards (or not), it...

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