Vegetable and fruit cocktails as well as smoothie are an excellent way to use seasonal vegetables. They can be eaten for breakfast or dessert, because they are prepared by us, they are a valuable source of vitamins and trace elements. But which household appliances will make it easier to prepare smoothie and home-made fruit and vegetable cocktails?
Season for fruit and vegetables from my own garden is full, so I decided to take a closer look at what kitchen gadgets will help in preparing these drinks.
How to prepare a healthy smoothie and a cocktail of fruit or vegetables
Of course, popular cocktails and smoothies can be found in every shop. However, it is worth doing it yourself in your own kitchen, especially if you have fruit and vegetables from your own garden. Both are very healthy when cooked with natural products – fruit, vegetables, dairy products. Cocktails are generally smoother, not necessarily cooler, while smoothie often has a base of ice cream or ice cubes and cools perfectly. The preparation equipment for this drink should therefore be more durable.
Home cocktails and smoothies – what household appliances?
Blenders are best suited for cocktails and smoothies. They are handy and usually compact, making them easy to store even in small kitchens. Thanks to the blenders, the ingredients can be crushed, crushed and mixed in any combination, creating both smooth drinks and thicker, full of lumps or pieces of ice.
Home Cocktails & Smoothies – Hand blender
The hand blender is a small piece of equipment and is therefore easy to store. Allows you to mix products manually in any pot. Today’s hand blenders are customized to the shape of your hand, have a splash guard, and even allow you to adjust the power, making it easy to get a cocktail or smoothie. However, mixing with a hand blender is time-consuming.
Home Cocktails and Smoothies – a chalice blender
The blender is especially suitable for cocktails. It has a cup-shaped bowl, which can also be called a jugs’ bowl. The products are thrown from the top into a jug, covered and then mixed with blades placed inside a jug. When choosing such a blender, you do not need to decide on the biggest one, it is enough to 500 ml.
Modern blenders, instead of glasses, often have interchangeable containers of different sizes, which allow you to prepare a drink and take it with you, e.g. as part of your breakfast.
Do you use a blender to prepare homemade smoothies and cocktails? Or maybe you have your own recipes for this delicious dish – full of vitamins and trace elements?