It is known that the best quality of virtual reality will be achieved by playing on such goggles as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Hardware is expensive, however, and the lack of AAA games does not encourage you to buy it. The Playstation VR is also a good choice, but it’s of course only available for PS4/PS4 Pro owners.
There is no shortage of “small” VR solutions on the market, such as Google Daydream, but the most interesting are two options: Samsung Gear VR and Oculus GO. Gear VR requires Samsung’s smartphones (mainly top Galaxy S models) to play with, while Oculus GO is a stand-alone design that doesn’t need to be connected to anything, everything you need in the goggles themselves.
What do the two devices have in common? The Oculus system, of course. In this manufacturer’s shop you can find the same titles in many cases on the Rift, Gear VR and GO. However, at a glance, the mobile goggles are usually truncated and of a lower quality than the Rift versions. Contrary to appearances, Oculus GO does not copy the features and capabilities of Gear VR, as there are games available that are not on offer for Gear VR. More about the quality and functionality of Oculus GO can be said when these goggles are already available in the USA, because for now the search engine on the Oculus website shows me that the nearest GO goggles I can see at the Saturn store in… Berlin. First reviews of GO on the web show that you should expect quality between the capabilities of Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift.
Well, it’s time to move on to my current list of the best games for “small” goggles. I played all the titles on Samsung Gear VR, but they should also be available in GO. In the video you can see a presentation of the game, and below you can see a brief description of all the productions listed.
The best games for Gear VR and Oculus Go (2018)
A rail shooter telling a story of a foreign invasion in a colourful, cartoon-like style. A lot of weapons, a lot of actions, a fast pace and a fantastic visual setting. If you are looking for a game in which gameplay compensates for the lack of plot, we strongly recommend.
Buy from Oculus Store ($7.99)
Viking Days
Do you like Vikings? Who doesn’t like? This nice production is a collection of 10 mini-games inspired by the life of Nordic warriors. Here you will hunt dragons, beat the rhythm on drums, cross the mountain peaks, throw an axe and, of course, drink a lot.
Buy from Oculus Store ($3.99)
Battle of Kings VR
Tower defense game with campaign mode, battle mode, where you can also attack your opponent, and PVP mode. There are 7 types of towers to choose from, each with different properties and different locations in a fantasy style.
Buy from Oculus Store ($9.99)
Trains VR
Have you formed a queue during your childhood? Have you played with a small driver? Or have you never been given the opportunity to love miniature trains? You can make up for this with Trains VR, which is a lovely simulation of this popular game. Here you can build tracks, decorate a model and even sit at the helm of a locomotive!
Buy from Oculus Store ($4.99)
That Dragon, Cancer
A strong, touching production, which is a kind of a reminder of the developer’s son who died of cancer. A year after Joel’s birth, he was diagnosed with a deadly disease that he had been fighting for four consecutive years. This adventure game, based on the artist’s authentic experiences, shows what not only the sick but also their caretakers have to face.
Play on the Oculus Store free of charge
Racket Fury
What will the robots do in the future? Maybe… they played ping-pong? This is the title, which is devoted to the classic game of tennis in a very futuristic setting. A pretty good simulation enriched with dynamic music.
Buy from Oculus Store ($9.99)
Catan VR
If your friends live in another city or you still lack board game partners, their electronic versions may be an interesting alternative. On the Oculus Store you will find a great “port” of the classic euro game, which I don’t think I have to introduce anyone.
Buy from Oculus Store ($14.99)
A narrative adventure game of the genre of “walking simulators” in which we play Valentina, a cosmonaut on board a spacecraft accompanied by Konstantin, AI, who oversees all the activities and cares about the mission’s goal. At one point Valentina begins to have problems with her perception of reality. It keeps you taut and is free – sin not to try.
Download free of charge from the Oculus Store
They Suspect Nothing
As the last man on earth, you need to filter out the society of robots alone. With 12 mini-games of tasks, you’ll need to be smart, skilful and able to think logically so that your machines don’t know who they’re really dealing with.
Buy from Oculus Store ($7.99)
Blaze Rush
“The “Blaze Rush” is the closest to the popular PC and Rocket League. Here, too, we drive our car around the pitch, but we do not kick the ball into our legs, but play classic football.