Have you tried to answer this question? Probably many times.
Betrayal does not occur for nothing, most often the fault lies on both sides.
There are many reasons for betrayal…
The subject of betrayal is not an easy one for a man or a woman. Nevertheless, there are many reasons for betrayal in both cases. However, let us not focus on the opposite sex, but on us women. You may have asked for help, interest, conversation, doing something spontaneous and new many times in your relationship, and sometimes a stupid face was a problem. Once, twice, thirdly, but how much you can wait for such simple actions. When you noticed that something did not fit, you were expecting something else, you probably met with various epithets or texts like “what it was all about again, you are constantly clinging to, if you don’t like it, find another one”.
With such texts, he merely stresses his indifference and contributes greatly to betrayal. Let us remember that nothing is permanent. When buying a bike at the store, if it is new it has a beautiful color and clean sprockets. When you use it and do not care about it, it destroys and in time it is suitable for the basket. This is also the case in relationships. You have to apply for a woman from start to finish. Unfortunately, the majority assumes that once it has been achieved, it is enough – unfortunately – to think wrong.
A woman does not need to be sent expensive roses, sometimes it is enough to relieve her of her duties, buy a flower, and when you put a little weight on her, ensure that she is the love of your life, and an extra pound is just more happiness to love. And the contemporary man after work TV set, computer game, friends and alcohol. When a tragedy occurs, they always say that it is Our fault. The man doesn’t think about and doesn’t analyze what he has done, but sees it wrong that you have betrayed.
And once betrayal has occurred?
At home, there is constant silence, chaos of thought, speculation and suddenly He appears in your head. A person quite different from your partner, who sees you as the most beautiful woman in the world, is interested in you, spends time, engages and you have to choose. Living in a home where you will once again have to ask for something, or a paradise where you can lose yourself and feel loved.
You choose paradise. Is it so bad that we are looking for love, acceptance and understanding? When you get home, you probably won’t even notice that you were not there. If you see a shadow of a chance to save your relationship, do it. Sometimes betrayal opens our eyes, it’s sad and sad, but it’s true.