How to achieve clear changes in your silhouette
and get a natural look in just 6 weeks?
Every man dreams that his muscles will be as hard as rock, that he will have superhuman strength, that he will be jealous of his competitors and that he will be interested in women. There is also no woman who would not like to have nice legs, sexy buttocks or firm thighs and arms.
Find out how to make your dreams of a great silhouette a reality!
I know how important it is to look in today’s world, that people who are physically attractive have much less difficulty finding a job and that they are also more interested in the opposite sex. With a beautiful silhouette we feel more confident and happy. Sometimes we don’t even realize how little is needed to significantly improve our appearance.
“I have been actively involved in strength sports for many years. I have a private gym where I am a bodybuilding and fitness instructor and a dietitian. Thanks to my advice given directly in the room, I can enjoy my eye, seeing the great progress of the practitioners. Soon I am going to test myself at a nationwide bodybuilding competition, where I have a chance to get a good place. In this guide I’ve included everything that’s most important to start this great adventure with weights. After reading the entire content, you will have the knowledge, which is sufficient to effectively and quickly reach the desired figure. I urge everyone to start training today and you will be surprised how soon the results will come. – Tomasz Rychlik, author of
See what you find in my ebook:
description of the diet for weight and sculpture;
What to eat and what to avoid;
a detailed description of the nutritional qualities;
ready-made examples of diets;
invaluable tips for good nutrition;
description of mass and sculpture training;
a precise description of the exercises for each part of the body;
ready-made training examples;
types and uses of supplements;
golden principles of bodybuilding;
and much more!
Achieve measurable effects of properly cultivated bodybuilding using appropriate diets.
When you buy this guide, you will find out in an easy-to-understand way what to eat and what to do with it. The statement that “you look like you eat” is very true. That is why a proper diet is necessary to achieve the desired figure. Find out what a diet should look like for weight and strength, as well as for sculpture and fat reduction.
Read the compendium on training.
After reading the training information, you will never again be in a situation where you didn’t know what to do in the gym. You will read about the main principles of training, you will learn how to exercise (all the most important exercises for each muscle part are described), you will benefit from very good training plans, for which the trainers often take a lot of money.
“I enrolled in the gym 2 years ago. During the first year of exercise I didn’t notice much progress. I was still fatty and very weak. I decided to sign up for another gym, where Tomek (the author of the ebook) was the instructor, and I found out that during this unfortunate first year I was doing practically everything wrong! After studying the knowledge that is contained in this ebook, I went to the first training with great enthusiasm. The difference was enormous! Finally, I felt that I was doing something with myself. My silhouette has changed beyond recognition – my girlfriend is delighted – the tyre has disappeared from her belly and my shoulders and cage have taken on a masculine shape! I can recommend this publication with full responsibility, because it’s really worth it! – Krzysztof Groszyk, satisfied Customer
Whether you’re obese, lean or just want to make your body even more beautiful, you’ll find your way to achieving your goal in this guide.
The Ebook addresses the problems of both the lean and the lean. It describes in detail the diets and training and any tips for each type of body structure.
See what you gain by following the tips in this ebook:
rapid growth of muscle mass;
enlargement of circuits (arm, chest, etc.);
a sculpture of the abdomen;
a significant increase in the strength of each muscle part;
muscle reinforcement;
fat reduction;
improvement of condition and endurance;
firm thighs and buttocks (women);
health and well-being.
Strength training is the healthiest sport in the world. Reduces risk by several dozen percent
myocardial infarction.
Recent research in the USA shows that bodybuilding or other strength sports are healthier than other popular body training methods (running, swimming, etc.). Mainly because at the gym we train systematically all muscle parts. Also because we exercise very intensively and regularly (which results in, among other things, an improvement in the permeability of the blood system). All this together not only gives us a beautifully shaped silhouette, but also ensures health for many years.
Your silhouette and health are priceless.
But why overpay?
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