Boom25 is a new website which was created around a year ago. It works in a similar way to Topcashback and Quidco with one small difference when you get a refund it is the total amount you paid for your purchases. Why play with percentage cashbacks when you can have your whole refund?
I would like to introduce you to BOOM25!
The service is 100% free and safe. Every 25 people wins a refund and it doesn’t matter if your purchases were for £1 or £10,000 if you’re a 25-person customer you win everything. The hook is that if you are not this 25th customer you will not get anything. Well, I know what you think why I should risk if I have a return for every purchase on Topcashback, of course nothing by force and I don’t say that Topcashback is bad on the contrary is great when it comes to casino bonuses and bonus for new users, so why should you try Boom25 even for the thrill of emotions ?
Cashback sites might send you a quid or two … eventually. Loyalty cards might give you a few points here and there, but where’s the fun in that? What if you could have guilty of the whole flight…? Enjoy the thrill of online shopping again with Boom 25 – we’ll give you the chance of winning a decent cash prize. Just buy what you were planning to buy anyway and you could be quids in!
Source: Boom25.
So it’s up to you whether you want to try and get back all the costs you spent on shopping or just %.
To try your luck you can create an account on Boom25
Simply enter your name, email address and password to get started
Any winnings are paid out to Paypal. How to add it below:
We have to press Dashboard. Click on the Payments tab.
Sometimes there are bonuses on the website e.g. ‘shopping in PrettyLittleThing and you get £2 bonus’ such bonus will appear on our account but we will be able to choose it only when we win something.
Hot dealer:
From time to time there are offers of the type every 7th person wins in the office, or every 20 in F&F it changes every few days.
Winners are informed by email.
Winning Basia great jealousy because I only £21.99 ?
So if you like the thrill of excitement it can be worth doing these ‘daily’ shopping with BOOM25 and bonuses for new users, different types of casinos and signing contracts as standard with Topcashback.
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