Money is of great value. There is no doubt that thanks to it you can have almost everything – luxury cars, apartments, the most expensive jewelry. More importantly, many of these pleasures can be purchased by not moving from home – taking advantage of the benefits of the Internet. Many auction portals offer a variety of inviting offers, from everyday items to antiques and white ravines.
Jude Coyne is a retired rock star. When his team collapsed, the man became passive, his mind will be occupied with memories of his past career. Fantasies of fame become shaded with time and Jude falls into a new routine living, as far as possible, a normal life. However, you have to know one thing – a man has a rather unusual hobby, he collects strange, closely related to occult, disturbing, macabre things. In his large collection you can find, among others, a human skull used as a stand for pencils or a dream film. Once the star learns about a peculiar online auction where you can buy your spirit, he does not think about a moment and makes a purchase.
The spirits have always caught up with their sacrifices and the doors cannot be closed because they are able to pass through them.
The beginning of the novel begins dynamically – it draws in and intrigues. Joe Hill does not waste time on conducting, he throws the reader directly into the trap of action, which often resembles a grotesque spectacle. The subject of ghosts has been ground on all sides, but the author gives it a bit of freshness.
It would seem that it will be easy to do things with an anxious soul – nothing more wrong. The purchase turns out to be no coincidence for the protagonist and he flashes his ghostly fingers on the protagonist’s life. “The heart-shaped box combines the literature of horror with a clear motif of revenge and road. The characters set off on a journey to help them find answers to their tormenting questions, which will become a pretext for a journey into the past, into the depths of their mistakes. It will be time to work through the old wounds, to confront trauma, and finally to understand. Unfortunately, at some point the plot of the novel falls dramatically, between the poems an apparent chaos creeps in, resulting from the interweaving of horror and background customs, which begins to play the first violin.
At the same time, the pain drove the clouds of his mind away, it was like an anchor to his consciousness, a bond connecting him with the real world: the motorway, the green signposts passing by, the buzzing of air conditioning.
One cannot fail to notice the rock atmosphere in which the author introduces us – the musical notes win their melody, resound at the right moments, giving a moment to take a breath. One of the greatest advantages of the novel is its impeccable style – Joe Hill paints precisely the paintings that increase fear. The author cares about details, implements retrospections, carefully hides the substance from the reader.
The characters created are unconventional and controversial personalities, even the main character painted as an eccentric. These are contrasting characters who, driven by determination, want one thing – to overcome evil. Although their behaviour sometimes gives rise to mixed feelings, in general they do not differ from reality. They are struggling with problems that are confusingly similar to ours.
“The “Heart-shaped Box” may not be a sophisticated novel, but it is a great story about confronting past events, looking into oneself, into the psyche harmed by one’s loved ones. The book emphasizes the fragility of hasty decisions, emphasizes the fragility of human feelings, and the rock climate adds to her animosity.
In short, the uncomplicated novel intrigues with its impeccable style, controversial characters and important problems it raises. Factory 6