Carmelo Anthony moves to Havks
Oklahoma Thunder, Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers agreed on a tripartite exchange whereby Carmelo Anthony and the protected (top14) choice in the first round of the 2022 draff (if it were in the top14, it would turn into two elections in the next draff) would move to the Atlantic. Dennis Schroder will go in the opposite direction. The goshawks will release Melo, who will then be entitled to sign a contract with whomever he wants. Outside Thunder, of course. Rockets are said to be the most likely to acquire it. Heat is then exchanged.
Sixers will send Justin Anderson to Atlanta and Lucia-Cabarrot to Thunder Timothe. In return, from Atlantis, they will get Mike Muscala. 
This movement was hanging in the air for a long time. Actually, since Melo decided to use his huge (almost $28 million) option for the upcoming games. The only thing that remained was the direction, in the case of exchange. It also included the dismissal of Antony, the purchase of a contract or the use of a stretch provision. This would mean that the sum of Melo’s earnings this year would be spread over three years. Thunder would pay him $9.3 million for each season. This solution, the Oklahoma team, wanted to avoid. This would mean ‘dead’ salary money, which could in no way be transferred for three years. Thunder now has $148.7 million to spend in the new season.
For 76ers:
The six, as yet, have not been very active this summer. A useful Ersan Ilyasova left the club. Wilson Chandler was taken from Denver. Nemanja Bjelic was supposed to play the role of Turkey, but it turned out that he did them a trick and would either return to Europe or get a better (than $4.6 million) contract somewhere else. At the price of two young but very rarely used players in the last season, Sixers gains a solid wing with a good throw for three points. It is not a spectacular movement. The club did not take a big step forward. Rather, he agreed to be the third transfer partner.
For Hawks: 
It’s probably no secret for anyone that Hawks will refuel? They will be 24 years old, playing with sporting ambitions, and they would certainly not help in that. For a long time now, Hawks has been looking for transfer opportunities with his participation. After winning Trae Young in the draff and taking Jeremy Lina out of Nets, Schroder’s days in Atlanta were counted. Could Atlanta have got more for what, after all, a good athlete who is growing all the time? Maybe it is, but in a league rich in players, it’s hard to find one who likes to throw, doesn’t threaten the trio and still has $45 million in a contract. In any case, the price for such players is not as high as you might think.
For Thunder:
Good movement for Thunder. Oklahoma could simply release or “stretch” Melo’s contract. In the best case scenario it would save them about $107 million, but they would stay with the line-up they have, minus Melo, without free funds for additional movements. So they decided to save a bit less, to leave the contract of Anthony, but by virtue of the exchange, for young and valuable people. Coach Billy Donovan and Sam Presti were granted permission to contact Schroder. They wanted to explore his feelings about a possible exchange, to sell him a vision of his role in the OKC. I do not know what words were spoken there, but apparently both sides were happy. The Schroder will earn $15.5 million in each of the three upcoming seasons. Much and little. If you count that equally well in the Thunder budget, for the same time, could be lying every season “dead” $9.3 million, then you can look at it so that Oklahoma pays only $6 million difference for a young and ambitious player. This is already something.
A 24-year-old German brings his 19.4 points, 3.1 collections, 6.2 assistants and 1.1 intercepts to Oklahoma. These are numbers he probably won’t repeat in Thunder, being up to three options in an attack. Another problem may be his 29% behind the bow from the last games and the fact that in order to be productive, he must have the ball in his hands. I think that this move can be good for OKC, however, and that it will not follow in the footsteps of Oladipo, who could not find himself in Westbrook Donovan’s system. Russ in November will blow off a birthday cake of 30 candles. One day you will finally have to calm down. After two triple-double seasons, his individual ambitions should be satisfied as the average for the whole game. That is what I think. We have already seen it, Russ. More than once. You’re good, you’re an athlete, and now start winning. His farewell to last season’s event looked ugly. 43 throws (!) from the game in the last clash with Jazz. This is the moment in Westbrook’s career when he can win a lot, or lose a lot, in the image sphere. If it doesn’t come out now, it’s more likely that a patch of star will stick to it forever, which you can’t play with. It has under contract PG, Adams and a whole group of young and interesting players. This is his moment to show what kind of leader he is, or whether he is one at all.
Contrary to appearances, the Schroder does not have to be