We all like discounts, vouchers, promotions and probably the most free of charge. Why pay the full amount if you can have the same for free? Many optical companies offer a free eye test, but you need to buy glasses or contact lenses from them. This free survey is not entirely free, as the company will reflect this on the higher price of the frames. There is also a possibility to use the offers offered by our workplaces or health service, so that the survey can be conducted completely free of charge without additional costs. There are several possibilities:
Thanks to the NHS, we can perform a vision test completely free of charge in an optician’s shop, as well as receive a discount on the purchase of glasses or contact lenses. They may enjoy this privilege:
– children under 16 and full-time students under 19
– persons aged over 60
– people with health problems such as diabetes
– persons with low income, eligible for benefits
In addition, Scottish citizens can do a free eye test every two years in exceptional health emergencies – every year.
If you are not sure if you can take advantage of the free TU JUST Study
For people in Scotland, get accurate information from the NAME OF TERMS
For the people of Wales, the exact information you need from THE SAFETY HERE
HSE is nothing more than an employee’s Health And Safety and the ability to perform a free sight test thanks to a referral from the employer, for reasons of working in conditions that are harmful to our eyes. So if you are working on a computer or laptop, ask your employer about the possibility of a sight test. More information about the company
Specsavers- one of the leaders in the optical industry in the UK, offers us free eye testing without any hidden and additional costs. Simply select your nearest optical shop, print out a voucher for a free examination, book a visit and arrive at the place and time you want with your voucher. The voucher can be POWER-TRUCTED.
Boots, like Specsavers, offers us a voucher for a free test. To use it, simply download the Voucher TU and after ordering a visit to the Boots optical department show the printed coupon. The offer is valid until the end of August.
Students over 19 years of age who are not eligible for the free NHS examination may take an eye test at a 25% discount in the BOOTS and SPECSAVERS opticians’ showrooms. It is also worth checking if the university does not offer special discounts or even free sight tests as an additional bonus.
KITE offers us free eye examination with the use of the latest devices and apparatus, mainly for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and its impact on the eyesight. Simply make an appointment with the CLICKING TU. The offer is valid until the end of July.
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