You remember the advertisement in which the Lady sang “I clean up the house all day long from today enough! No more! Shrinks no… I have the same! It seems that the apartment is not big, as if it were just two householders, and yet it goes crazy from this cleaning!
I am still running somewhere with a broom or vacuum cleaner. I clean the hens, I sweep the cobwebs. Here we wash the dishes, because there is no room for a dishwasher in the kitchen, where we clean the toilet. Shower and wash basin cleaning, taking care of cleanliness in the bathroom. Floor and window cleaning. Control the cleanliness of mirrors. Washing, ironing, sewing again. And you have to fold your clothes, hide them in the wardrobe.
I have a trowel of this kind, not another, because I run a cosmetics editorial office. In addition, I work at home. This is due to the fact that I receive a lot of parcels and often have to take a lot of pictures of cosmetics or books. This way you get a little disorder in the two rooms of your apartment. That is, in my office, which is both our bedroom and the living room, where I have a separate space for the photo studio.
In addition, it takes me at least 40 minutes a day to put things and objects in my place. For example, a bowl after washing, a blanket – because yesterday it was cold, a vase with flowers in it, a scarf that will not be useful for the time being, etc. – and so on. And washing up… endless, Sisyphus work. Rescue!
A system needs to be put in place here, and for the time being, the division of responsibilities is not an option. Because as much as I can sometimes ask my husband to wash me down or to clean my apartment, he is very busy with his professional duties. So I try as hard as I can to handle it myself, but I know I’m not the perfect housewife. But I think I can do it!
I can see that I have some catching up to do. After all, there are women who are more industrious, who have children and who also have to cope. How do they do it? I don’t know, but house cleaning is definitely an issue that I have to refine to perfection, especially as we are about to start building our dream home, which will certainly be larger than the size of an apartment.
Sometimes I wonder if this “eternal mess” is a matter of our small apartment, which has to combine many functions? Because if I had a separate room for my office only, when guests call me to stay in 10 minutes’ time, there would be no such frenzy of cleaning. Because it often happens that I have just set up cosmetics to take pictures (in the living room, where I have a photo corner), and we welcome guests just in the living room. If the office were in one room, it would close the door and easily embrace the guests.
Do you know that? Stacking, vacuuming, cleaning, continuous and endless covering of the apartment. Is there a way to do this? Or are there wise gadgets that make cleaning at home easier? I’ll write more about it soon!