A company seal is a small item, but very practical in a bureaucratic world. Entrepreneurs are happy to use it because it relieves them of the need to sign many documents by hand, which allows them to increase productivity and save a lot of time. The question is what information should be included on the stamp in order to make it practical for us to use the stamp?
Seal in the medical industry
Stamps used by people working in the medical profession or in the medical industry are specified in relevant resolutions and regulations. Information can be found on the websites of the Ministry of Health, the General Medical Council or the National Medical and Veterinary Council.
The stamp shall contain the following information:
– the name of the practice,
– special identification code,
– the address of the place of treatment or call and of the place where records are kept,
– telephone number,
– identifier (first 9 digits of the REGON number).
The medical seal should contain the name and surname of the doctor, the professional title, the number of the right to exercise the profession, the specializations held. The veterinarian shall, in turn, use a medical stamp which shall bear the name and surname of the veterinarian and shall be clearly marked: LEKARZ WETERYNARII (written in capitals and without abbreviations), title of specialist, number of the right to practice the profession, as well as address data: town, street, house or premises number, telephone number.
The appearance of the stamps, which may be used by nurses, is similar to that laid down in the Regulation. The following information should be included on the nurse’s stamp:
– first and last name,
– the professional title,
– acquired specializations,
– the number of the occupation.
If you’re wondering what the medical stamp might look like, take a look here: physician’s stamp model
Data on the company’s stamp
In companies with different business profiles, the stamp is not obligatory, but often acquired, because it significantly facilitates work.
The most important advantages of having a seal are as follows:
time saving . Not all documents need to be filled in by hand, simply by stamping. This is a convenient solution when contacting contractors or customers.
credibility of the company . The seal increases the company’s credibility. We may be asked by institutions such as banks or offices to give credibility to documents.
Advertising. The seal is affixed to various important company documents. A distinctive stamp containing e.g. a logo or faxymiles is stored in memory for longer and helps to create a positive image of the company.
easy communication. The seal contains the company’s data, which can be used by potential contractors or customers to make contact.
making work easier. The seal helps to organize the documentation and avoids palm pain.
Depending on the profile and size of your company, you can purchase one or more stamps. The choice is very wide.
The company seal should contain information such as………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..:
– company name,
– name and surname of the person authorised to use the stamp,
– company address,
– NIP.
If the company is a company under commercial law, the following data must be provided within the meaning of the relevant regulations:
– company name,
– the address details of the premises,
– NIP,
– the name of the district court,
– amount of the initial capital (limited liability companies and joint-stock companies),
– amount of paid-in capital (joint-stock companies).
In addition to traditional company stamps, it is a good idea to buy a pocket stamp. Especially if conversations with customers or contractors take place outside the company’s premises. These stamps are small and lightweight, so they can be used in all competitions where meetings are held in the field. Another modern solution is special pens with a stamp. Their execution combines classic elegance with modern trends. The stamping mechanism is easy to operate and also very efficient. The pens with stamp are available in a variety of colours to choose from and together with the elegant case they are an interesting gift idea for the entrepreneur.
Seals to make your business easier
In some professions it is a necessity to have a stamp, in others it is a choice of the entrepreneur – in both cases, however, one thing is certain – the stamp makes it much easier to run a business. It confirms the credibility of documents and is a source of contact information for institutions, contractors and customers. Professionally designed and manufactured, it will work efficiently, and enriched with a logo or facsimile can also become an advertising weapon.
Examples of stamp reflections for the various industries can be found on the website: stamps
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