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NCWW is rather a game reserved for board games. Every month we prepare an article with games worth recommending as a small inspiration for those who do not know what to do with hard earned money. Some time ago we also wrote a similar article for computer games and it enjoyed a great popularity. I thought it was worth going back to this series.
Hence the name – NCWW, that is Na Co Wydać Wypłatę jest tekst który sprzyja dla osób posiadającym kasę, ale nie specially knowing what to spend hard earned money on. So I’ve chosen 5 games I’ve played in the last few days. There are five items on the viewfinder which I sincerely recommend and I avoid playing games which I played for a long time, but still I did not like too much (rating equal to or below 4). The failures of the previous months were certainly Agony and Conan Exiles. While Agony is simply weak, Conan Exiles has a huge potential but a large number of bugs makes me just annoyed about playing this game. I chose five titles that made me have a lot of fun. One corrigendum is that I don’t play racing games, so unfortunately you’re unlikely to find such games in any NCWW.
(1) Vampier
Vampyr did not meet all the expectations of the players. He was accused of being schematic, of fighting too simple, and of having flattened relations between citizens and the main protagonist. What was supposed to be the main distinguishing feature of the game among other titles of this type turned out to be rather tiring addition consisting in collecting rumours and eating citizens who gave us many points of experience.
But the story itself was very interesting. In the same way, the game has a dark and heavy atmosphere and at the same time presents some really fantastic characters. Our protagonist is also an interesting figure, and his story is marked by a considerable emotional charge. The world is also original – London freshly digested by the Spaniard after the First World War and the scourge of vampires has its charm. Perhaps Vampyr is the most atmospheric adventure this year.
Warhammer 40000 Inquisitor – Martyr
Diabloid in the world of Warhammer 40000: What can go wrong? The pace of play is slower than in other Hack & Slash games, but the game is catching up with the climate. A good shielding system, which may be a curiosity rather than an important part of the game, and a scourge of great opponents known from other Warhammer games (both offline and online). Good atmosphere and very nice music, but the dialogues are rather lamentable even in the English language version. I miss a bit faster pace, but the game is a great alternative to Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. Every fan of Hack & Slash and Warhammer should test the Inquisitor Martyr.
3. Dark Souls: Remastered
The Dark Souls series is one of my favourite computer games. The release of Remastered is the perfect moment to refresh the complex, dark and beautiful world we’ve come to know in the first part of the cycle. The Remastered edition does not change anything in the game, but fixes all the bugs known from the first part. There are no problems with the mouse anymore and MouseFix is not needed, just as we don’t play with add-ons to improve graphics and gameplay. We play in sweet 60 frames per second at the highest resolutions. The game was getting old very nicely and it is a great moment to refresh this classic. I highly recommend it.
4 Ancestors Legacy
Ancestors Legacy is a wonderful strategy game, a typical RTS with many facilities and a focus on a more offensive game. We build the databases almost automatically from an interface similar to that of Company of Heroes, but we do not have to choose the place for the building. Fights are much more dynamic and tactical than other RTS games, if I were to analyze the pace it is faster than in CoH, but much slower than in standard Starcraft.
Many controversial solutions, such as the possibility of shooting our own soldiers by our archers, require us to change our approach to tactics. The positioning of units is everything here and it is worthwhile to carefully analyse the battlefield and tactical approaches to fighting. The campaign is heavily scripted and the enemy will more than once be deceived, for example by building units although there is no possibility of generating raw materials. However, it is worth playing the game, especially because of the American accent. We can build Poland as Mieszko I.
5. Battletech
The last game in the ranking is Battletech. The epithetisation of the old battle system with the moss in the lead role has finally succeeded. For many years we haven’t got a good game in which we can use Atlas or King Crab again to attack enemies. Battetech’s game captures the atmosphere of an old battlefield. We control a lance of four mosses and try to meet the goals of a scenario based on one of several archetypes (e.g. exortion or extermination). During this time, of course, the enemy is disturbing us, often having an advantage in equipment, not only in quantity, but also in quality. We need to be smart in order to have rooms