Today’s tutorial discusses how to create blocks, which are very often used when designing and drawing many repetitive elements. Thanks to the use of this type of objects, we can speed up design works and save ourselves the arduous copying or modification of the element, if necessary.
Block in AutoCADzie
This film uses several important commands. Here is a list of them:
A BASIC (_INSERT) that is used for inserting and modifying;
PISZBLOK (_WBLOCK), which is used for writing to disk;
BEDIT (_BEDIT) to edit a saved item.
An important task is to set the base point when defining the block – in relation to this point we will perform the LETTINGS operation.
Each of the commands can be preceded by a “-” sign, thanks to which the dialogs will not be displayed – the commands window will be used.
If you enter a “negative” scale during the FINISH operation, a mirror image is obtained.
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