Money, everyone would like to have it, not everyone knows how to earn it. Fortunately, the #InstitutionsBusiness cycle is helpful and today I also have another interesting income option for you. Creating a website, a topic from which I could have started this series of entries just as well. At one time it was a very popular and extremely profitable form of income. What is it like today? Today it is also worth to take an interest in the subject, because you can still get a lot of money on creating websites. What do you need to know to start creating a website? I am already translating!
How to create websites?
I will start at the heart of the matter, which is what you need to do in order to create a website. Firstly, the computer and the Internet, something you cannot do without today. Surely you have it, after all you are reading this entry. Secondly, knowledge which, contrary to appearances, does not pose a challenge to anyone who uses a computer efficiently on a daily basis. The specific issue is HTML and CSS, two languages used to build and give the website the desired look and feel.
In order to have the knowledge necessary to create websites, you do not need to sign up for any courses or ride expensive boot camps. Just fire up one of the hundreds of free courses or manuals on YouTube or blogosphere and you’re ready to go. The basis for creating a website is really trivial and with every step and task performed you will certainly confirm your belief that it is not only an interesting but also a pleasant activity. Moreover, once you have mastered CSS and HTML, it is worthwhile to take a look at the subject of CMS, which will significantly speed up and automate your work.
How to make money from creating websites
If you already know the basics and feel able to turn your knowledge into real money, then it is high time you acted. Where to start? Of course, since you created your own portfolio. Webdesigner without its own website is a joke, so you should develop your own website as much as possible. Of course, it’s not only about visual issues, it’s also about content. Complete your website with examples of projects and completed projects so that a potential customer can verify your skills.
If you already have a portfolio then it is time to look for customers. Where to look? Firstly, on Facebook. People often underestimate this platform as a source of orders, which is a big mistake. Look for groups to create websites, sign up for local ad groups and wait. I assure you that finding your first customers is not difficult, just a good search. An alternative and supplement to Facebook are portals dedicated to freelancers. OLX, Fixly and other websites of this type are all order books, which is why it is worth having a look at them regularly.
Creation of websites Principles
Since we have reached the point of earning money by creating websites, it is worth mentioning some of the rules that apply in the industry.
Firstly, timeliness, i.e. the delivery of projects on time. Nothing discourages customers as much as delays, so don’t accept orders that you are unable to complete on time.
Secondly, customer education. Sometimes his desires and visions will simply be unrealistic or impractical. While working on the order, become educate the client and provide him with solutions that may turn out to be better and simpler in implementation.
Third, design control. As you create this site, try to report regularly on your progress. In this way, you will not only confirm his conviction that the works are going to be better, but also give him a chance to verify the content and suggest possible changes, still at the stage of creation. Often, it may happen that you accept an order, spend long hours designing the first version, and the customer will find that it is not at all that. It is better to consult the projects on an ongoing basis.
Creation of websites for earnings
If you already know how it works, let’s talk about your earnings. As I have already mentioned, creating websites can be a very profitable activity. As a freelancer or freelancer at the very beginning you can earn money by creating an ordinary business card of the company from 500 to even 1000 USD. For more extensive websites, enriched with additional subpages, you may be tempted to quote the amount of 1000, up to 2500 thousand USD. Later on, you only do better if you are able to program. Dedicated web systems and software can bring you really huge contracts, so you should constantly develop your skills.
How to book the creation of a website?
For many, creating a website is a form of earning their salary. Not everyone is willing or able to make a living from this, so it is worth considering the legal issue of such an income. Well, according to the rules that came into force this month. Anyone who does not have a business can