The number of divorces has increased in the modern world, and some people are asking themselves why? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously, and there are often many different and more or less complex reasons.
Sometimes the spouses, when applying for divorce, agree on the incompatibility of the characters, which does not seem to be entirely true. Did they not know their characters before the wedding?
Therefore, the question of divorce needs to be looked at in greater depth, whether it is really just a question of character. Often the “incompatibility of characters” is only an excuse. It is much more convenient to live by yourself, so you don’t have to adapt to another person. Marriage is mainly about the art of compromise between two people.
Unfortunately, the current generation of people of working age is selfish. Maybe it doesn’t sound nice, but unfortunately it is. What counts is me, what I think and what I feel. This situation may be caused by the blurring of the boundaries between the roles of women and men in the union.
It often happens that an unaccompanied woman also takes on male duties at home, so being married cannot do without her dependence, which irritates the partner. The classic reason for divorce is betrayal of the partner, which takes place for various reasons. Betrayal can be caused by a desire for short-term change or adventure. It may also be that the reason for betrayal is the emotional negligence of the partner.
A person who betrays feels neglected or does not need a relationship, and does not have the courage to leave. Another reason for divorce may also be any addiction that destroys the family. Of course, addictions can vary, it can be not only alcohol or drugs, but also various types of gambling. It is often the case that a person who is addicted leads to domestic violence against relatives in their family.
Sometimes, however, the issue of violence itself occurs in ‘normal families where, on the surface, everything seems to be fine. Unfortunately, it is not only women who are subjected to domestic violence, but also men who are sometimes subjected to it. This is a rare reason for divorce, probably due to shame.
There can be many reasons for divorce, just as there are many marriages. It is impossible to list all the potential reasons for divorce.