The problem of rubbish by the sea, in forests and in mountains is a serious problem that affects all of us. If you don’t believe me, I’ll give you a few examples below, which should convince you and, I hope, make you not to throw away plastic where it falls.
Before we start, I will write a controversial thing. I don’t think plastic is a problem. The Coca Cola bottle was not alone in the sea. Someone threw her out, someone threw the truth there? If that person had not done so, there would not have been a problem. But the oceans take up most of the earth’s surface, right? Who can be hindered by such a single pea in such huge reservoirs. Well, that one pea makes a big difference. Don’t believe it?
The entry will contain a curse and may offend once or twice the fingers that lead to the tragedy. If this bothers you, do not read it.
Perhaps we can start by talking about the scale of the problem. And it is larger than the American surface.
The Great Spot of Waste
The problem was very loud a few years ago. And now the silence. Of course, there are more important media problems, such as the retirement of communists or whether the president is complying with the constitution. He is said to be failing to observe, but no one on the left is able to indicate where. Let us, however, leave left cancer for another time. Of course, the USA does not have much to talk about here (or maybe it also has?) because the problem concerns mainly the Pacific Ocean, but the Baltic Sea also has its problems, which I will write about in a moment. But what do you think I am talking about? Look at the photo below that Greenpeace has prepared.
The estimated size of the Great Pacific Rubbish Spot was marked yellow. Does it seem tiny? Presently it is assumed to have 1600000 square kilometres (1.6 million square kilometres). For comparison, the American area is poorly 312697 square kilometres (both from Wikipedia). So your bottle is a pea in a sea of rubbish truth? It’s a pity that so many of these peachs. And everyone thinks the same.
The main causes of this waste stain are illegal dumping of waste by China, Japan, North America and Mexico. The truth is that there are no one or two huge rubbish spots (and probably countless in other seas and oceans). One of the spots is the American and Mexican rubbish cultural monument, interestingly, who dominates the race more? Donald Trump does not need to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. Both countries are connected by a common monument to a waste civilisation the size of Alaska. Remember that.
The second, smaller spot belongs mainly to China and Japan. I would understand China because they have a serious problem with the culture of rubbish, but the Japanese have always been known for their above-average responsibility for order – rubbish is not thrown on the pavement, but carried with it. Often even schoolchildren do the cleaning together in class, thus learning to respect their surroundings. It is a pity that there are so few initiatives of this kind in the USA.
The composition of the Great Waste-Mass Product – which consists of
Below you will find another infographics, borrowed from . Of course, all the figures are estimated because nobody is able to measure the composition of a rubbish stain the size of the United States.
So what people produce is rubbish:
Plastic bags – ladybirds should be lucky – shops like these produce a really large amount of plastic. But it’s not just bags that are the problem. I’m going to write more about it right away,
Plastic bottles – 450 years to decompose. Imagine that your children’s children will swim with bottles thrown away by people 400 years earlier. Of course, how long will humanity survive before we are littered to death?
Petitions and cigarette waste – a large part of the circles also collect cigarette waste. Are you by the sea and smoking yourself, and do you bury peta in the sand? You are rubbish and responsible for this problem.
Personally, it seems to me that there is proportionally more plastic than graphics – plastic bottles from our perspective practically do not decompose, and glass bottles from beer will never decompose. The earth will manage without us, and we without earth will certainly not, but even in a million years some goat may die from eating glass after your beer. Congratulations, your heritage has been preserved for centuries.
Where is the Problem?
The problem can be broken down into several elements. Let us start with what generates the most waste, namely various types of companies, national governments and private companies involved in waste collection. They are responsible for the biggest scale of the problem and are therefore probably the ones who are quiet about it. If the media had described this problem, they would have undermined the authority of the governing parties in each country. So the left and right sides quarrel over corrupt courts instead of solving the problem quickly and effectively and dealing with serious cases. The United States is threatening with increased duties on European products, while at the same time continuing to build a gigantic monument to the civilisation of waste. What the Fuck?
No one is chasing companies to throw away