As they see you, they write you this way. The first 30 seconds of the meeting are the most important. Unfortunately, you will not show your personality at this time, you will not shine with eloquence or technical or political knowledge.
The truth is that the first impression is made of our appearance, what we are dressed in, women’s makeup and professional manicure. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a job interview, a meeting with a customer or a house with friends, the clothes emphasize your attitude to the world around you.
The current labour market no longer requires such a basic dress code as it used to be. More and more companies are asking for a pre-selection of professional recruiters, and you don’t need a rigid dress frame for your first meetings. However, it’s not only the recruitment that has changed its dress code, but also the corporations that allow for Casual style and home meetings with friends. It has been assumed that during the latter time the style of Casual Friday is preferred, i.e. controlled relaxation.
Casual Friday for a party?
Casual Friday is a loose, casual garment, but with an admixture of elegance. One that will make you feel comfortable in any situation, including at home with friends. However, it has its minimum value, which must be observed.
Women should give up very short skirts, transparent blouses with a neckline “to the waist”, clothes that give too much opinion to the body or those that are loud. Although high pins should also be left at home for work, they are as good as, or desirable for, meeting friends. Gentlemen should abandon all kinds of T-Shirts, as well as so-called polo shirts, cantroas trousers, but also jeans with holes. There are also tennis and sneakers in Passe.
Specific examples of clothing for home meetings with friends
So what clothes can you wear to meet your friends at home to make the best impression?
We suggest you:
Women will certainly feel comfortable wearing loose polyester or satin shirts with their first two or three buttons stretched apart. These materials are beautifully arranged around the body, slimming and emphasize femininity. In addition, there are jeans of tubes and pins or rivets. The legs of jeans may be frayed or folded. In the end, however, it’s a party with friends and you don’t have to stick to a rigid dress frame.
Men will certainly feel good in jeans and shirts, which should also not be fastened to the neck or put on trousers.
They can also roll up their sleeves and roll up their legs.