When it comes to Black Friday shopping and post-Christmas sales, the spotlight is usually on the spot, but in the middle of summer, Amazon’s largest ‘Prime Day’ sale comes to light.
Prime Day is the perfect time to find discounts on TVs, Amazon Echo, cooking gadgets and more. But if you really want to save this year, you can’t do it yourself. At a fast pace Prime Day offers will part like fresh rolls and you will need the knowledge of experienced experts working hard to make your life easier – that’s what I’m talking about the irreplaceable Arman and the rest of the team ;). To help you with this day’s work, we have prepared a small list of things you should be doing now:
Make sure you have Amazon Prime (first month for free) Make sure you like our Facebook page How to spend less in the UK Check your posts regularly because the deals are changing very often and we will update and even spam with offers ? boards on FB.
What is Prime Day?
In 2015, to mark the twentieth anniversary of the domination of Internet commerce, Amazon introduced Prime Day, a day that was supposed to be as great as Black Friday.
Everyone who owns Amazon Prime has access to various discounts and offers for various types of products, from cosmetics to electronic equipment.
The latest technologies, whether TVs or tablets, can be surprisingly expensive, so Prime Day can be a great opportunity to fill your home with cool gadgets without having to take a second mortgage ?
What is Amazon Prime Day 2018?
Sale starts on 16th July and will be for 36 hours (a year ago there were only 30 hours so change for the better) Only Amazon Prime owners can take advantage of the offers the first month is for free so I think now is a good time to take advantage.
How does Amazon Prime Day work?
Offers will be available only to Amazon Prime owners. Prime is a subscription service offered by Amazon that includes free two-day shipping of many of the items sold on the site, as well as access to a huge library of TV shows and movies and a helpful small assistant named Alex. Once you have received your subscription, you can start enjoying the best deals the Internet has to offer.
Savings appear in different categories – price reductions, promotions and lightning offers. Price reductions will be your more stable rebate offers, and the only condition is to limit deliveries. A good example of this last year is the best selling 55-inch TCL 4K Smart TV, which was supposed to be heavily overestimated all day long, but was sold out very quickly. Promotions concern goods and services to a lesser extent, which means that they are less inclined to sell out. You’ll probably see lower prices for Amazon Video, Music and huge savings on Amazon devices such as Fire HD, Kindle Devices and a whole range of Alexa-enabled technologies. This e-commerce celebration is a great time to buy Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, TP-Link and Blu-Ray box sets.
If you want to capture the most extreme savings in electronics, white goods and a multitude of other products, you will have to hunt for lightning offers ? which we will publish on our website on the FB.
How do lightning offers work on Amazon?
Lightning offers are offers with special prices available only on Prime Day. They usually offer a large discount, but as the name suggests, they come and go quickly. These products often have limited supply and given the volume of traffic on the site, even on a relatively slow day, it is best to sell them before you get the item in your shopping cart. Because they are so popular, users need to complete their purchase within 15 minutes. If they do not, the item will be put back on the market.
If you are clever and you know you are, you should visit the Amazon Offer Page on the day of the event and sort by “upcoming deals”. This will give you a chance to prepare for offers before they are active. The fact that you are proactive does not mean that you will be lucky enough to make all the savings you want. You are competing with thousands of people and the number is limited, so don’t be bothered if you miss an offer.
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