Cabbage, cabbage, cabbage for a short time – you’ve certainly made one of these dishes. Maybe even many times. But have you already made a cabbage vase? It is worth trying, because such a decoration on the table looks very original, and its execution is not complicated at all.
Not only for pigeons
Pumpkins slowly get us used to the fact that vegetables don’t have to be eaten only. Halloween is a custom from behind the scenes, but we are more and more eager to cut out lanterns from pumpkins – and not only the terrible ones. Pumpkin vases are also quite popular. Such a decoration is not very durable, but very beautiful. And it’s seasonal, because I don’t think it’s so good to put the pumpkin on the spring table. Autumn is reserved for pumpkins. But cabbage is about something else. The beautiful green colour of the cabbage makes this vegetable vase ideal for this time of year.
When buying cabbage it is worth to pay attention to its size and shape. It is good that it is quite symmetrical and at least of medium multiplicity, with its depth in the middle. Cabbage does not have to stand perfectly straight, but look at whether you can cut the depth from below to get an even level. It is best to go to the fair – there are a lot of stalls and certainly some nice head will hit the market.
If we already have cabbage, then we can act. See how to create a drip vase.
Kapuściana table decoration – step by step
Materials required:
a jar or other glass vessel the height of which is less than that of the cabbage
sharp knife
dinner spoon
water in a jug
I get rid of a few outer, slightly damaged leaves.
I would like the cabbage to stand straight, so I use a knife to level the depth a little.
I put a container on the middle of the cabbage and then mark the cutting circumference with a knife.
I cut a hole. The first layers go easily.
The further into the pit, the harder, so I cut the middle into the pit and then help myself with a spoon. And so I proceed until I cut a hole of the height corresponding to my vessel.
I chose a quite deep vessel, so I had to cut a quite large hole.
I put a container inside and pour the water in.
Cut the flowers (diagonally) and get rid of the lower leaves.
For my composition I used cloves in two colors and an ornamental twig. Coloristically these are such colours, which I like to juxtapose very much. The flower box, shown by me on the blog, had a similar colouring.
I felt it would be an interesting table decoration, but my loved ones were not so optimistic. And here I surprised them, because everyone agreed that it was great!
You may wonder if the smell of cabbage is spreading around the vase. There was actually a lot of it when you cut it out, but the vase itself does not give you a dripty smell.
I put the decoration on a plate. Yes, for furniture safety. I don’t know exactly how many such a vase will stand. I am betting that up to a week. So far, after three days, nothing bad has happened, either from the outside or from the inside.
Whatever you say about this extraordinary vase, one thing is certain – such a capuchin and floral decoration on the table surprises and makes an impression. I will certainly repeat it again, because although the cabbage vase is not permanent, it is worth making such a decoration for a celebration or a festive table.
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