Every year I analyze what are the current trends in nail decoration, but this summer I faced an extremely difficult task. I watched the nails of the models on Fashion Week, I’m following what’s going on at the beauty fair, I’m searching for Instagrama every day. But this year everyone has different nails! The variety of patterns and colours is so wide that it is practically impossible to detect the dominant trends. Fashionable are simply interesting patterns, best suited to your idea and style.
However, I managed to capture two interesting trends in nail decoration, which are regularly repeated at the Instagram. First, “smoke nails” – colorful smoke, which in the last few months is the number one when it comes to the most popular nail styles. But I was most interested in this second popular motif – a combination of abstract patterns and tropical leaves. I am delighted with this design!
Fashionable nail decorations for the summer of 2018
I have prepared for you a video tutorial “how to make fashionable nails for the summer” with step-by-step tips and instructions for two styles of decoration – rainbow smoke nails and tropical leaves with abstract patterns and metallic transfer foil. These are the most popular styling patterns for nails this summer! As always, I have a few inspirations and ideas for you, but I also searched for the most beautiful pictures of nail decorations from Instagram from American bloggers! I invite you to watch!
Tropical leaves and abstract nail designs
The decorations in this fashionable style are a mix of four different elements:
– leaves – on a long stem, usually black or white;
– dots or spots, usually black – I recommend uneven and irregular;
– stains such as abrasions – often gold (transfer foil gives the best metallic effect), sometimes also coloured or white with varnish (dry brush method, on which there is a minimum amount of varnish); in the video above I have shown exactly how to achieve such an effect (the method works on both hybrids and ordinary varnishes);
– geometrical elements – lines or triangles.
As a background, the most frequently scrolled beige lacquer is boring, sometimes even translucent in the still popular “negative space” style.
This style of decoration is very modern and I like it very much, it fits my taste perfectly. I think that it will also fit your nails perfectly to the holiday music festival. I’ve made as many as three proposals in this style and I’m sure I’ll reduce something like that again!
This is a pattern I painted a few months ago – the same leaf shape, but in a more winter-like version –
Post available from @theCieniu Paulina Weiher (@thecieniu.nails) Style 25, 2018 at 10:54 PST
More examples, as always, can be found on the Instagram – I have found for you some of the most beautiful decorations. I like the blue leaves the most – the beautiful colour combination!
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Magdalene Post (@flagelle_nailicious) May 13, 2018 at 10:13 a.m. PDT
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Smoke nails – colourful nail polish bubbles
This decoration dominates the nail instagram! However, I have to admit that I was not convinced at the beginning. I thought, “cool, but there’s no frenzy”. Until Bogusia gave me small samples of colorful pigments (thank you!), I tried and… I lost! These neon rainbow bubbles look phenomenal live!
Most often in this decoration a black background is chosen – such a color gives the greatest contrast and thus the most expressive effect. In my opinion, however, black is not very holiday friendly and I encourage you to try out other colours as well.
To make this decoration you need white gel or hybrid lacquer (necessarily with a dispersion layer) and colored pigments or acrylic powder. You will find an instruction manual in the video above.
Post available from @theCieniu Paulina Weiher (@thecieniu.nails) Cze 20, 2018 at 12:06 PDT
As always, I have a few examples for you from American bloggers and nail stylists from Instagram. Take a look at how cool smoke nails look with only two powder colours or with a base other than black ?
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What nail colour is trendy in the summer of 2018?
Have you noticed that this year there are extremely few neon signs? Yes, the colors on your nails are intense, but not incandescent. I like it very much – I love such juicy, rough colours, and I don’t like typical neon signs.
As always, the Instagram is dominated by beige, but very often it scrolls blue (the most important of all, it’s a blue one).