Summer is a time when you are more eager to experiment with your appearance. When hot summer days come, many people change not only the contents of their wardrobes, but also their hairstyles. To look fashionable and feel at ease in your new puppet, discover the latest trends in women’s hairstyles, which are perfect for the summer.
It’s best to entrust the change of hairstyle to professionals who not only make the perfect cut, but also advise the best solution, in line with current trends. Professional help in this area can be found in professional hairdressing salons, e.g. in the Czech Republic: Stylists will take care of each of their clients.
Fringes in a variety of ways
Summer 2018 will be marked with a fringe. Current trends allow it to be worn in a variety of ways. The most fashionable one is one that reaches to the middle of the forehead. It can also be rolled up to resemble Audrey Hepburn’s fringes from the “Rome Holiday”.
An alternative to the short curly fringe is the long, 70s hippie style, which is perfect for long, straight hair and summer styles, which are dominated by ethereal skirts and leather jackets. Retrospective fashion is returning not only in the form of clothes, but also in the form of hairstyles.
For women who are not afraid of bold cuts, an asymmetrical fringe or a slightly frayed fringe with a side parting can be an excellent choice. Both variants fit, for example, a shattered bob that is no longer in fashion for the following season.
Fashionable braids
With or without a fringe, braids are also fashionable. This is a great option for summer, because all kinds of strands allow you to feel comfortable even in the hottest weather. It is therefore a good proposal especially for long and thick hair owners.
Fashionable women’s hairstyles in 2018 are not classic, ordinary braids, but ingenious braids. Anyone who remembers the hairstyles of the 1990s will know what hairstyles they are using. A lot of small braids woven between loose, straight hair or a few thick braids, which can be gathered in a basket, is a hit this summer as well. You can also bravely bet on last year’s boxer braids – the so-called boxer braids.
Colourful hair
Summer is not afraid of colors, so fashionable women’s hairstyles do not lack bold colors. Purple purple, mahogany and burgundy are some of the hottest colours this summer. Rose Brown Hair is now regarded as an absolute hit – a unique colour that perfectly matches the beauty of cobblestones and robes. All fashionable colours in more intense shades, e.g. fuchsia or indigo, will be great during summer festivals, which are dominated not only by music, but also fashion trends.
Short hair for women
The most comfortable summer hairstyles are short hair, which is best cut to reveal the nape of your neck. This makes you feel more comfortable even in the hottest weather. In addition, in 2018 short women’s hairstyles are among the most fashionable.
The hairstyles can be inspired by retro, nonchalant and asymmetrical hairstyles, with frayed or short curled fringes. A curling storm can also be short, reaching down to the chin line. All hair types can be cut to length to keep up with the latest trends and to provide maximum comfort on hot summer days.
Naturalness always included
Although summer is the time for bold experiments with their image – brave cuts, strong colours and original hairstyles dominate, women who feel more comfortable in timeless style will also find something suitable for themselves in the current trends of 2018, and the enduring style of Parisian women may turn out to be a hit. During this summer you can bet on a natural look. Delicate, sensual disorder on the head, a slightly longer, straight fringe with a middle parting and hair coloured in a similar colour to natural are the foundations of the classic French style, which you can afford even now.
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