What are your ways to make your holiday well planned? I use the advice of travel bloggers most often. I have a few of my favorite places on the web to visit. Maybe you’ll also have a look there? And don’t forget the holiday look of your phone. I have prepared four new wallpapers for you for the summer, thanks to which your holidays will also be hosted on the screens of your smartphones.
Well-planned leave
How wonderful it is to have a holiday! You can rest from work and relax a little. And there is nothing to sit at home at that time. Plan something – whether it’s a fantastic holiday abroad or in the American mountains, or even making daily trips around the area. And it doesn’t have to be a long time. Even one-day trips can provide a lot of memories and help you get away from everyday life.
However, before we go to closer or further places, we can check what others have to say about it. Bloggers are happy to share their impressions from the places they have visited, so it’s worth taking advantage of their experience or advice.
Personally, before I visit a place I like to know something about it, so I often use blog posts. I will read it and I know what I can really expect. I also like to have some knowledge about the place I visit, because when I travel or visit, I tell the children about it so that they can learn more. And the kids like to listen to the curiosities.
I know a few interesting places on the web, which I can recommend with a clear conscience:
52weekends – A network place for the Rybiński family, who spend their time very actively. Local attractions of Krakow and its surroundings, trips to the USA and foreign trips – they probably do not sit at home at any weekend.
Alex’s eye – He is equally interesting on this blog. Ola and her husband visit Poland and the world with their children, so they not only describe their trips closer and further, but also share their travel advice with their children. This year, they spent a whole month in the Balkans. Would you like this to happen, too? Or maybe you are curious how much did it cost them? Find out everything here. Anyway, Ola does not make a secret of her expenses and often presents an exact cost estimate of the trip.
Origami Frog – Although Edyta does not run a travel blog, she travels to beautiful places and shares her experiences. She recently visited the island of Corfu and described everything in detail. She also revealed how much it costs to spend a week in Corfu. PS. Editing for a creative soul, so don’t forget to look at her DIY ideas too!
The Jarząbki Travel – When mentioning travel blogs, I can’t skip Sonia and Adam. I had the pleasure to meet them personally – they were great people, full of positive energy, passion for travel and lovers of the family Łódź, which also enchanted me. It is worth looking at them while looking for inspiration for a holiday destination.
Summer wallpapers
Although it is not necessary to go on holiday in summer, it is the summer when we most often rest, especially when we spend our holidays in the USA, which is why I have new wallpapers for you for the summer. Although I had already drawn summer wallpapers last year, I couldn’t resist and this year I did something new. All the more so as when I was working on a tropical set of printing papers I drew so many holiday items that I could prepare much more of them than decorative papers.
Among the wallpapers you will find a fashionable hat with an inscription this year, a round beach blanket or even a very popular this year’s round bag called Ice Cream and a coconut drink. There is also a super cool camera in the monster list, with the most fashionable season tag, i.e. weaving.
By the way, if you want to hang weeds to the real machine, you can make them yourself. Look at an entry where I showed you how to make bread some time ago. Such a decorative brush is really not difficult art.
Summer wallpapers – download and use!
The files are available for download from my server. Downloadable links are available below. Just click on the link of your choice and the wallpaper will be downloaded to your phone.
I make the files available for non-commercial purposes.
summer wallpaper #1
with the inscription | without the inscription
summer wallpaper #2
summer wallpaper #3
with the inscription | without the inscription
summer wallpaper #4
with the inscription | without the inscription
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This year I am going to the Masuria region. These are not tropics, but our USA is beautiful too. It will certainly be a great time.
And how do you spend your holiday this year?
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