A garden full of lavender
Hey 🙂
Saturday morning, my husband sleeps in the second room after the night, I finally have one free weekend since April probably, also finally I have time to write something here 🙂
A week ago, I tickled another place on my list “to visit in 2018”. This list is mainly sitting somewhere in my head, but if you want to write it here and find out what else is left for me this year 🙂
A garden with flowering lavender was probably the most important point.
I planned the sessions exactly on the day of the start of the mondial, and my beloved husband gave up watching the opening match in order to go with me for the photos – it must be love? 😀
We had to drive about 100km in one direction. That is a lot. I have to count on 3 hours of driving, but I must admit that I would go again – the view of the lavender field is just wonderful *.* And maybe it is not some kind of mega super foreign place, but I’m happy with even the smallest things.
For those who are from the vicinity of Krakow and would like to ride to this beautiful garden, a handful of helpful information.
The lavender garden is located in Ostrów (near Proszowice).
The entrance fee is 5 PLN per person and you can spend the whole day there, and there is no fee for taking pictures there – the only exception is the wedding session, for which you have to pay a fee of about 60 PLN.
You can buy bundles of fresh lavender (5zł), bags of dried lavender (about 3-5zł) and even whole flower seedlings in 3 different varieties (15-25zł).
There is a large parking lot near the garden, also during the walk, you can be calm about the car.
It is best to drive about two weeks after the lavender starts to bloom – then there are a lot of flowers. But there are also a lot of people then. Between 17 and 18 when we arrived, there was only a handful, a few people went for a walk and a few for photo shoots. It wasn’t until 18 that the garden became so crowded that there were no chances for wide frames, 5 pairs of young people with photographers and cameramen, lots of families with children who also came to see photos with photographers, and a dozen or so people walking. Everyone has come to the sunset, and I also advise you not to go there in the evening, because such a crowd may exceptionally destroy all the joy of visiting this beautiful place.
To sum up, I am very happy that I could go to such a wonderful place, take beautiful pictures and fulfill my little dream.
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