After going through a difficult financial period (at my own request), I and my husband discovered the secret that makes saving a pleasure. Our motto is that austerity is not about doing something; it is about stretching every penny to have more, to do, to be and to live. Today I will share with you my key guidelines.
It’s not about living in poverty, it’s about turning every pound to the maximum and using these pounds to help you achieve everything you want in a pleasant, easy way. My mission today is to convey this message to the world that austerity allows us to live at a high level. My blog teaches you how to have more, do more and live better than ever, no matter how much you earn.
We have learned it for ourselves and decided to do something about it. Once, when you heard the word “frugal”, you thought of the poor, without money, denying yourself everything that is cool, funny, and beautiful until your death. I have good news for you Cost-effective has just gone through a total metamorphosis.
My goal is to prove that being economical does not mean giving up everything you want, but rather learning how to gain everything you want. That is what is called financial freedom. Being financially fit means living with a balance in your life, just like those who are physically fit to do so.
Step 1: Standing on the scale
If you want to lose weight, you need to know your weight before you can know how many kilos you need to lose. The same is true for finances! You have to face cold, hard facts before you go any further. You need to find out how much you spend each month and whether these numbers are in a safe zone for your family. I recommend that you spend at least 10 percent of your income on saving and repaying your debts, so your expenses should be less than 90 percent of what you earn at the most.
Step 2: Create a plan
Now that you know how many pounds you have to lose (that is how much less money you have to spend each month), sit down and prepare a plan! Thus, it means a budget. Just as an athlete has a training plan, or someone slimming down has a fitness plan, we must have a plan for our finances to make sure they are on the right track to financial ‘health’. Asking yourself how much you have to cut every month to achieve your financial goals, whether it’s paying off debts, building savings or spending less than you’ve done so far. Write down how many and how long. Then decide where the money will go and write it down.
Step 3: Going to the ranch
Have you watched The Biggest Loser? In short, they go to the “ranch” where they practice six to eight hours a day, limit the food that is really tasty, bear the insults of the leader, Jillian Michaels, and do their utmost to lose as much weight as possible. It sounds terrible, right? But when you think about it, it isn’t forever. In fact, this is only a few months. The result is a life of abundance and happiness. Decide what your junk food is “- manicure, food out, cable TV, branded products, Starbucks – and cut it off. Whether you have £500 or £5 to lose, it’s all necessary. It’s about engagement, gnashing your teeth and jumping into the fire. Remember: this is not always the case.
Step 4: Keep your weight
Ahhh, your time is at the ranch is over. You’ve eliminated all the excess in your life, quickly and drastically reduced your expenses, and now you can pay off your debt, or even put money in the bank. You have the habit of “counting calories (You are watching your expenses and keeping your budget), now it’s time to learn to ‘eat again’. Just like someone who leaves an intensive diet, you don’t want to go back to your old ways of eating. You can enjoy your favourite things again, but with moderation and patience. Go shopping! But wait for the sale and buy out of season. Go on holiday! But buy the best opportunities. Eat out! But not every day and look for a coupon online or use the Taste Card to check before you go to a restaurant. You can do it all and you will still be in financial shape.
Step 5: Learn to love this process
You can learn more about financial management by reading the articles on the blog. If you are ready to start the road to (fun!) saving, start here:
The only difference between fear and excitement is your attitude. Do not be afraid of this process, be excited about traveling. Your attitude and commitment will have a huge impact on your success. Enjoy life in abundance. Have a nice trip. But most of all, see how good it is to live in financial stability.
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