We live in times when practically everything can be done without leaving home. You only need a computer or a smartphone with Internet access to do your shopping, chat with friends or even do official things. The Internet has become for us more than just an interesting opportunity, today it is hard to do without it. This also applies to doing business. The Internet can offer us a lot in this area. Today, I’m testing for you something I’ve found recently, a portal for experts in law, finance, insurance and accounting that allows you to attract customers!
Expert search engine, how does it work?
I must be honest and admit that if I came across an expert search engine offering a free business card that allows me to attract customers, I was quite sceptical at first. A moment of attention, cursing the whole service and checking how it works, however, proved to me that it can really work. It is about an expert search engine.
In theory, the portal is intended to bring together clients seeking financial, accounting, insurance and legal advice and services with experts who offer such services. How does it work in practice? I decided to check it out!
Registration, presentation, profit?
After getting acquainted with how the platform works, I decided to register. It was not difficult to fill in a simple form and I was already in the system as an accounting office. What will happen next? Then I got a whole range of possibilities…
Profile promotion
According to what the service informed me about at the beginning, I could now use various useful features. What seemed most interesting to me was the fact that it was possible to publish expert articles. In this way, you can increase the visibility of your profile completely free of charge and attract customers looking for knowledge or answers to issues in a given field. An important element of these articles is the ability to add your own dofollow links, which will certainly be used by anyone who has even minimal knowledge about positioning. Since I am not a real expert and I created my account only for testing, I did not take this opportunity.
Customer acquisition and costs
I didn’t expect to get any customers during the test at all. I was surprised when, after some time since I had completed my profile, two people interested in the services of an accounting office in the city came to visit me. Of course I couldn’t help them, because I don’t know it at all, but the fact that it really works was a surprise for me.
It is worth mentioning here the clearing system that operates on the platform. As I said before, having your own profile and business card is completely free. There are no fees in advance and all settlements are based on the success fee model. How does it work? A client who is looking for an expert using a search engine has at his disposal two methods of contact, via a message on a portal and a telephone. The telephone contact is completely free of charge, and messages are sent through the paid system. In turn, the expert decides for himself whether he will pay for the acquired client only when he is able to assess whether he will actually cooperate with him. How much is this charge? According to the portal, it is a few dollars.
Search engine for real experts only
I was very positively surprised by the quick reaction of the service to my false profile. As I said, I am not an expert, but the acquisition of clients for the services of an accounting office, as an accounting office, was supposed to be only a test. However, as it turned out, he quickly looked through my profile and contacted me in order to verify it. Of course, I did not go through the verification process and my test profile was deleted. Normally this would cause me a wave of indignation, but in the case of this type of activity in relation to the facts of the account on the experts portal it is the most desirable effect. Thanks to that, if he wanted to use the portal now, as a customer looking for an expert, I know that I will not be deceived by someone who is not an expert.
Turning to the summary, I can say that this type of expert search engine is definitely worth attention, both if you are looking for and offering services of an accounting office, insurance or legal aid.
Source: Partner article.