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Players who particularly appreciate the ability to play the latest games do not have an easy life. After all, modern computer hardware is a big expense, and both game engines and hardware performance are constantly moving forward. Who would be able to keep up with this? Fortunately, there is a very good way to increase the performance of your computer’s graphics without spending money and thus give it more power to pull games with very advanced graphics engines.
This is about “overclocking” your graphics card to make it more powerful. This is a relatively easy and quite safe way to do things if they are done correctly. The whole process takes only a few hours and it is undoubtedly time very well spent for the player who wants to be up to date with the new titles.
As mentioned above, overclocking your graphics card is relatively safe. However, in order for it to work properly, some preparations need to be made. It’s time to start:
Check the power supply unit – if the single card is “overclocked”, the power supply unit can handle at least 500 W, but if several circuits are provided, the power supply unit must already be above 1000 W. It is worth getting to know the opinions about the power supply we use in detail. This is because only a high-performance device can make a good enough contribution to overclocking.
ensure high quality cooling to avoid overheating of the system
As far as non-safety related preparations are concerned, it is necessary:
carefully check the capabilities of your graphics card, using special software, the so-called benchmarks. This allows you to see the true value of the key parameter, which is card timing.
buy an application to change the timing of the card, preferably developed by the hardware manufacturer, as this will be best adapted to the characteristics of the card
After these steps have been taken, you can now proceed to the correct process.
How this is done
To “unscrew” the graphics card, follow the following procedure: Increase the core clock and check the operation of the card on the test program until interference occurs. Then take the same steps with the memory until the correct clock and memory are found and set both at the same time, then test the settings again.
In case of problems with operation, it is necessary to lower the parameters. The whole process takes, as has already been mentioned here, usually no more than a few hours. In turn, in order to see its effects, it is necessary to perform tests on several benchmarks.
Unlock the card’s potential
“Overclocking” a graphics card is not a very difficult or risky process for the benefits that can be obtained in this way. This way you can enjoy playing on higher details without having to change your equipment. Such a possibility is undoubtedly invaluable for passionate players, so it is worth devoting the weekend to unlocking the potential of the card.
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