Many people practicing strength training forget about fitness exercises (and vice versa, but in this fast I will focus on fitness).
Training will give you the best results in terms of the appearance of your body and your health if you do strength and fitness training.
Heart and lungs
The heart is a muscle and, like other muscles, it can be exercised – to improve its performance and endurance. When you gradually increase the intensity of your whole body, for example when you start running, your heart also works harder. It must supply more oxygen to the muscles and pump more and more blood.
This process also affects the lungs, because it is thanks to them that oxygen can enter the blood. This increases the efficiency of their work.
Conditioning exercises also improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.
When you train regularly, the body becomes accustomed to such an effort, which makes oxygen in the blood more easily absorbable by all the cells of the body. Then the heart starts to be slower and stronger.
Many people choose to do fitness exercises (aerobics/cardio) because of their heart, lungs and cardiovascular system. However, let us not forget the additional benefit of speeding up your metabolism.
Overclocking metabolism
When you exercise regularly, food turns into energy faster.
So conditioning exercises + no overshooting = faster fat burning.
Choose sth. for yourself
The choice for this kind of exercise is really huge! It is important that you choose the type that will please you – then you will be very enthusiastic about training and you will have no problem with the lack of regularity –
Examples of fitness exercises:
Rolling on rollers
special cardio exercise sets
Strength training in fast dull with less strain (squats, pumps, stomachs, etc.).
Remember to gradually increase the length and intensity of your workouts. Don’t throw yourself into the deep water straight away, but don’t forget that you are getting stronger and stronger and you can more and more ?