I present our monthly summary of savings related to the possession of a Large Family Card. I hope that this will serve as an inspiration and encouragement for the use of KDRs. I am also counting on suggestions where we can still use the card ? I transfer the money saved thanks to the Large Family Card to selected collections organized by the Stefan Batory Foundation.
I am starting to worry about the fact that entries in this category are becoming quite monotonous – so far we have not used the card very intensively and the savings we have achieved thanks to it are still small.
Since the company offers KDR 8gr holders discounts per litre of fuel, we have been refuelling practically only there. In March we drove a lot again and managed to save USD 14.26 on fuel. We managed to save more on train tickets even though these were only two short trips to the city centre for one person. the company offers a really good discount – tickets were cheaper in total by $16.16
Nothing has changed here compared to previous months – Lidl is still the only shop where we do our daily shopping and offer any discount on KDR. I had plans to do more shopping to reduce the number of trips to the store, but first of all March brought back winter, so the desire for walks in the forest was not too great, besides, I focused on eating out the stocks (our pantry is still full of preserves). As a result, in March, our vegetable products were more than average. We saved 4.33gr.
Exits / Visit / Culture
As a result of the above mentioned return of winter, we once again got used to skiing in Bałtów twice. There they offer a discount on KDR, but the discount related to the end of the season was higher and the discounts do not add up, so this time with KDR we have not used.
However, we managed to use the card in the Warsaw railway museum (Museum Station), which we highly recommend. Our children still catch up there for free tickets (valid until they are seven years old), but we bought our tickets 50% cheaper saving $12.
The total amount of our savings in March was PLN 46.75.
I would like to remind you that anyone can offer the card partners on the website /. I’ve already proposed a few companies and in the meantime I’ve written emails to their owners or PR/marketing department with information about the Large Family Card with the suggestion to join the program.
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