Those who travel frequently or regularly on holiday certainly know that the differences in standard between even potentially similar hotels are often very large. There is, of course, a minimum of decency that guarantees us the law and a hotel can’t just do that. However, such a minimum is really very low and if we want to make sure that our stay is not an unpleasant experience, it is good if we take a closer look at the potential hotels for our trip and make an informed choice.
Search the Internet
The obvious direction of our search should be the Internet. Every hotel today has a website, and if it doesn’t have one, we should resign from it immediately. The hotel’s website is primarily for information purposes. It is from this website that we find out exactly where the hotel is located and how to get there. This is very important, because we will not always travel by car and sometimes the hotel will be located in a place that will make it impossible or very difficult to reach and operate from it without a car. This must be avoided.
Presentation of the hotel
The most important thing on a website is how the hotel itself is presented. The point is to show it in as much detail as possible. We should expect a large number of photos and preferably videos showing all its elements, its surroundings and more or less important infrastructure elements not directly related to the rooms but relevant to the functioning of the hotel. Photos should be carefully taken into account because they are directly related to what the hotel has to offer us and if there is a lot of it and it is of good quality, the hotel will certainly inform us about it through photos. If there is anything to hide, there will be few or no pictures at all.
We can also be assisted in the selection of various hotel ratings appearing on the websites of portals focused on the hotel industry. They are displayed by hotel guests and it is quite a good source of information, but you should remember that this is not a fully objective source. It is not even that we are dealing here with opinions paid for or posted by the owner of the hotel, but not all people are equally willing to give ratings. Usually people are more motivated to do this by some kind of dissatisfaction, so the general opinion can be distorted.
Additional suggestions
Most of us would like to have at least breakfast included in the price of the hotel room. This is one of the additional services that may or may not appear. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, you should check whether this issue has been taken into account. By the way, you can also check other services that you may need, such as renting equipment of various types (bicycles, canoes), the presence of a swimming pool and spa in the hotel, concierge services, the presence of a hotel safe and all other things that may be useful to us.