Micro and small companies, regardless of the profile of their business, are looking for solutions that will simplify their functioning. For many companies, it is crucial to improve warehouse management. In this area the best solution is to use special invoicing and warehouse software.
Companies that have a warehouse in their business structure, try to improve its functioning as much as possible and simplify all the activities carried out in it. Improvement of warehouse management is crucial for further business development, including the special adaptation of the range of products to the preferences of customers, regardless of whether it is a service, commercial or manufacturing company. Most companies, in order to be able to join the competition on the market at a high level, are looking for solutions in computerization. One of such solutions is the Ewa program – invoicing and warehouse, part of the popular series of software for micro and small businesses.
Ewa program is an ideal tool for invoicing and warehouse management. Company, which for over two decades offers interesting IT solutions for the development of business in the U.S., has supplied Ewa program with the most favorable solutions that allow you to issue primarily sales, purchase and warehouse documents. The program also allows you to keep records of contractors and key customers, as well as records of goods and services. Depending on the available versions (Mini, Midi, Max), Ewa can also generate summaries and reports on the financial condition of the company, control the inventory, operate fiscal printers, support the inventory, cooperate with barcode scanners, run a bank or execute payment orders.
Using the Ewa program, issuing relevant sales or warehouse documents becomes easier and faster. Thanks to this, the company will optimize its time and labour costs, which will also allow it to increase its profits. The Ewa program is available independently as well as in a package with the HR and payroll program Aga and the Ala accounting application from the product line. More information about the possibilities of packages and individual programs line can be found on the website . There is also a possibility to download a free 60-day application from the website, with full technical support while using the free version.