Do you know what are the most important features to learn to draw? Patience and discipline.
Not a talent, not a plastic ability, not an aesthetic sense. But perseverance, concentration and systematic dedication to learning and exercises. Of course, this ability goes easier and faster, but generally everyone is able to learn to draw nicely at a good level regardless of inborn skills. And throughout the process, patience, self-denial, self-motivation, self-motivation and discipline are essential, because learning to draw can take a very long time before you can make visible progress. But I guarantee you that if you put your heart into the learning of drawing and do not give up after the first attempt, you will reach a satisfactory level in the field of drawing after some time.
I would also like to stress that you can learn to draw regardless of your age. It is said that it is children who learn fastest, but adults have the advantage in a few respects. Older people are more patient and disciplined and pursue their goals. As an adult I already have confidence and skills, I know where and how to look for advice, what lessons and materials are valuable, I can plan my learning and objectively evaluate what else I have to improve. When I was a teenager I acted more in the dark, I didn’t know how to start learning drawing. I have made much slower progress than I have made now! Over the past two years, I have learned much more than I have learned in my childhood taken together. However, I realize that learning alone is difficult and can be frightening or discouraging, so I would like to share my experience with you.
I won’t teach you how to draw because I’m too thin in pencils. Instead, from the perspective of the beginner, I will tell you what is most helpful to me in my studies and what activities have brought me the most progress.
If instead of reading you prefer to listen and watch – I invite you to my channel on YouTube CIENISTOCĆ, where a movie with a sketchbook overview and tips on how to draw – has just appeared.
What do you want to draw? Specify your goal.
What do you want to achieve? How do you want to be able to draw? What medium do you want to use? What level are you at and where do you want to go? Answering these questions will help you determine what and how to learn.
Perhaps you just want to do a lot of research and basgrab for fun – you don’t need any specific lessons to do that, you just need to draw whatever comes to mind and don’t worry about creating a curriculum ? Or maybe you dream of photorealism? Then it is important for you to capture similarity, proportions, precision, advanced shading. Do you want to create your own comics? Master the basics of human body building and create your own character. Or maybe you want to paint flowers? Learn to draw plants, mix colors. Would you like to make animations? This is also where the basics of the drawing will be useful.
Think about how you want to draw, what jobs you like, and what tools you want to use. Based on this, estimate the skills you need. Create a list of tasks to master, e.g. “pencil shading”, “color mixing”, “perspective”, “human anatomy”. And look for lessons and tips on how to do this on the web!
What does it look like for me? I dream of drawing fanarts, making comic, funny illustrations with pop characters, fantastic creatures, turning my ideas into pictures. How do I want to achieve this? In order to be able to draw people and animals correctly, even in a commission style, I have to master the classic basics of drawing, the anatomy of characters. That’s why such standard exercises and tutorials are perfect for me. I practice realism, but only as a basis for further development of my skills and style, I do not aspire to photorealism.
Free drawing lessons – YouTube and Pinterest
Knowledge is waiting for you online and free of charge! Many experienced filmmakers share their knowledge and help beginners learn. I particularly recommend video on YouTube. Although most of the tutorials I use are in English, they will also be available in Polish. I plan to prepare for you an entry with my favorite drawing channels and a list of the best videos of ?
Pinterest is also a great help! Users upload very good and helpful tutorials and infographics with tips and tricks. By the way, a small hint – do not look for tips on how to draw (e.g. how to draw an eye) by Google graphics, but by the Pinteresta search engine. The Google and Pinteresta algorithms work differently and check a completely different database, and in this case much, much better works Pinterest. Usually the tutorials on the Pinterest are better described, more thought out, and they often have a link to the creators page, where you will find more tips. And you can always save the best tutorials for yourself and collect them on your board at ?
I cordially invite you to watch my @theCienie account on PINTEREŚC. I have organized several boards to help you learn how to draw, for example.