Giving and receiving gifts is always pleasant, but often the biggest problem is what the other person really needs. I was wondering for a long time how to bite this subject, because it is impossible to classify everyone, and it wants this text to be as universal as possible. That is why it will prepare 2 products for several types of people. I warn you straight away that the list is for hobbies, so you won’t find a shirt, hair clip or watch here as a proposition.
For the first fire we will take into account the turnover of physically active people who frequently visit sports centres and enjoy spending time outdoors – although before Christmas frost may start to get tired of but it is also an opportunity to come onto the ice instead of a sad winter gym and slip wheels, piruettes or jumps and lift. I haven’t got close to the latter yet, but the ride itself gives me a lot of luck and I encourage everyone to take part in this activity.
In many cities in winter there are ice rinks where you can practice and freeze your noses even free of charge? (this is a perfect excuse for later mulled wine or hot chocolate). That’s why the first idea for a gift will be:
Skates (price range: 300-600 PLN)
I know that you can rent skates for the ride but always when something tempts me and I go for ice skates and I rent the plastics that the ice rink offers – a pleasant sport turns into a katorga that can effectively deter from this sport.
Boxing bag – here I would like to propose two versions of this idea, namely a standard full-size bag (cost: 100-200 USD) that can be hung in the basement and a version for a typical bourgeoisie – a boxing bag for laundry (cost: 60-80 PLN). Recently I saw it somewhere in the gallery and it made a very positive impression on me as a gadget <3. TURRET TYPE dressed in earth colours, breathable materials, comfortable but branded shoes and with a backpack on his back, he'll want to see everything he's looking for while on holiday. Therefore, a great gift for our world will be Tent (300-800 USD) or sleeping bag (100-200 USD) IPRESEMAKER Here my proposal is to play the so-called "men's cave", which is a cave where you can not miss the players that will allow a little rest from an exciting match or a fife game ? Every self-respecting male bed should also have darts - darts are a great entertainment for parties with your buddies. GROSS TYPE PCtowiec: I know it may sound strange, but in this case the best possible gift is simply a gift card for an electronics store (e.g.: ), because most likely his computer requires it (YES, even as the hardware is on the top shelf and bought a moment ago - it can always be better - PC MASTER RACE!) Console boat: It's easy here - just a new pad (if you want to spend more time with this person ?) or a new title on the shelf (the choice is huge because of the popularity): Example for XboxOne here) If you still have any ideas for gifts for guys I haven't mentioned in the text, please write in your comments. SeeU!