We would like to thank all the detectives who dared to take up the challenge of Sherlock and help him to identify the sounds. According to the rules of the competition, the game is won by the person who was the first to give the most correct answers. This person was…
Maciej Sieradzki, who identified 8 out of 11 sounds. Applause and fanfare!
A few people also had a similar result, but Maciej made his proposals much earlier. We are impressed by such a good recognition of the sounds, because we gave you quite a nut to crack…
Here are the correct answers in the order the sounds appear on the video:
pneumatic nailer (no one guessed this object, real hardcore!)
crumpled box
stopper, extracted from the wine bottle
opening of vehicle doors
Switch the night light on/off
Maciej will be contacted individually by Facebook, and the rest of us would like to thank you for a lot of fun. I hope that you liked the competition and you are eagerly waiting for the next one 🙂