Gregory Holmes can and does manage to recognize the differences in the pictures in “Sherlook”, but with the sense of sound he has a real problem… To solve the last puzzle before the vacation he has to correctly identify the sounds from the cassette he received from one of his informants. The person who will help him/her in the investigation will give his/her favourite game…
What should I do to participate in the competition?
Listen carefully to the recording below. Try to identify as many items as possible from the recorded sounds and list them in a comment under this article or under the contest post on Facebook in any order.
The first person to correctly identify all the sounds or to indicate the most of them to all participants will receive “Sherlook”. In the event of a tie, we will take into account the order in which applications are submitted. Comments and posts may not be edited.
The competition lasts until 11 July 2018. The results will be published on our website.
Successes of young detectives! Don’t let Sherlock down!
The terms and conditions of the competition are available here.