It’s nice to be 30 years old. I’m lucky enough to look still quite young for my age, so I can promote myself with no wrinkles, hehe. Anyway, it’s already this stage in my life that I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience that I feel more confident no matter how I look. I’m not worried about what people will think when I wear a tshirt (with a unicorn or cat, you know), but I also know how to dress up to look crazy. I would like to write that I know what I want from my life and where I am going, but frankly, I feel more lost in some areas than as a 20-year-old. Despite this, I would not like to go back a decade for any treasures of the world, I definitely prefer my life here and now. Although there are difficult moments when I discover with horror that I am already 30 years old and I haven’t done it yet. It is probably from this senseless comparison that I hope I will stop being critical of it all the time. The problems are getting bigger and bigger, but paradoxically, everyday life is getting more and more pleasant. I am terribly wise and have annoying faders, but I still have a lot of fantastic people around me and I am so wonderfully radiated by their proximity. It’s great to be 30, much younger than 20, and I think it’s going to be fantastic when I’m 40 or older! Meanwhile, I draw my favourites of the month in my notebook, colour the pictures with crayons, drink my favourite drink from Pepsi with rum and lime (and dinosaur-shaped ice cubes – obligatory!), stroke my Bull and listen to an audiobook “And I told her” by Katarzyna Nosowska. After a nice weekend and a hard-working Monday. I hope it’s so fantastic with you too!
For almost two years I have been drawing what I had a nice experience of in a given month. A nice memento is made of it, it is very nice to look into such a notebook full of memories. Based on the latest illustration from this sketchbook, which is unique for me, I present you my favourites of May! It’s a month when I didn’t celebrate my 30th birthday, so the card was dominated by the wonderful gifts I was buried with that day. Above all, however, I focus on details, on those objects which made my everyday life more pleasant with their presence. I have a bit of materialism in my view of the past in terms of objects, but I keep the most precious memories of my loved ones in my heart under my privacy key and do not allow them to enter the Internet. Anyway, for me these may be the most precious moments in the world, but after publishing them on the blog it would turn out that this is pure banality, so I will limit myself to presenting what can inspire you and what corresponds to the subject of the blogger. Enjoy watching!
The best crayons! Faber Castell Polychromos
I received a lot of great gifts from my wishlist, including Faber Castell’s gorgeous crayons “Polychromos”! I’ve been dreaming of them for a long time – I used to have a small set, but after years I only had 3 crayons left. A few years ago I bought cheaper crayons in Bruzynzeel, but I’ve used them for the most part, and I don’t like them very much. The time had come for a new set of crayons and it was 36 Polychromos that seemed perfect to me. I’m so happy that now I have these crayons, yay! I started to draw with them right away, and in the wounds, they’re really awesome! I’m sure I’ll write a review in a while, but first I have to test it a bit more and create more with it.
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Pocketbook reader and favourite book
The ebook reader was also hanging on my wishlist for a long time. At first I was thinking about buying Kindle Paperwhite, but some time ago I found out about various new readers on the market and changed my mind. The Pocketbook Basic Lux seemed perfect – it has everything I needed (i.e. it’s a reader with the right screen and backlight), but it’s much cheaper than Kindle. I’ve been with him for a month now and I’m delighted, I don’t think about Kindle at all. Books on Pocketbook are very comfortable and pleasant to read. I also noticed that thanks to it I can read much faster than before – this is how the reader is comfortable to use. I am delighted! ♥
The title of my favourite book in May is “Mr. Ice Garden”. Again, because I mentioned it in my favourites in April. But in May I read the third volume and I keep my admiration alive – a fantastic fantasy, one of the best novels I’ve ever read.
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I would also like to mention the report ‘Less. An intimate shopping portrait of Poles”. Since the beginning of the year I have been absorbing fashionable books on minimalism and I consider this item to be the best so far. The guides I had read before were very disappointing. In my opinion, these were collections of obvious advice and thoughts, which could seem to be revealing only to young people from Warsaw corporations overwhelmed by the maniac of consumerism. For an average bread-eater who plans to eat his own bread with care.